In this picture, I see problem of using Twitter or not.

With the development of modern technology, nearly everything has gone online. Communication and networking have developed immensely with numerous networking sites. Twitter is one of the sites that have eased networking and information sharing across the world. With almost everybody who can access internet being in twitter, there is nobody who would wish to be left out of this community. Therefore, in this picture, the person who is sleeping on the bed has realized that most likely, all her friends have twitter accounts apart from her. The fact that she lacks a twitter account is giving her sleepless nights.

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This, therefore, shows how strong and attractive twitter is. However, it is difficult to tell why the person in the picture does not have a twitter account, but the most apparent thing is that she will do her best to create a twitter account. Nonetheless, this problem is not the only one for this person in the picture. People across the world are facing this problem and doing everything possible within their capacity to create twitter accounts. Twitter, therefore, helps people work, live, and associate with those who have twitter accounts feeling comfortable and relaxed while those who do not have suffering psychologically. Despite the fact that twitter is developing rapidly, and millions of people all over the world are creating accounts daily, not all of them are interested or uses twitter.

People are using twitter currently for different purposes and objectives. In contrast, there is a great amount of people who have never used twitter due to different reasons. Initially, I used to think that everybody has twitter account and those who do not are eager to have one. When I met Michael and John, and asked them about twitter, Michael told me that he has a twitter account, which he has been using for a long time and said that it has been of great significance. He said that his twitter account has left him always up to date as he is following many radio and television stations including CNN, BBC, among others.

Now, he is always up to date as he receives news as soon as they occur. Furthermore, being a businessman, Michael said that his twitter account has hlped him to boost sales and general growth of his business. He also said that he uses his twitter account to advertise goods and services, especially ones that are new in the market. Through twitter, he has expanded his business and he is now getting clients from all over the world. He said that twitter has helped him cut costs significantly as before he used television, radio and other media, which were very expensive and others have local coverage alone, to advertise his goods and services.

Additionally, he said that there is no need to write letters to his relatives like before and go to the post-office to send them, because now he is always in touch with them when he logs in his twitter account. This has eliminated delays that he encountered initially, when using fax machine and postal services. Generally, he appraised twitter saying that it is of great significance since it can help everybody no matter where he is and what he is doing. On the other hand, when John was responding to the question that I had posed to him, he said that he does not use twitter, and that he did not even have a twitter account. He said that although twitter seems to be important to other people, it is not for him. He said that he had a friend who was lured by a person he was following on twitter to buy products that he was selling.

After making payments using PayPal, he never heard from him till now. Hence, twitter has got many fraudsters who can steal your money in a polite way. In addition, he also said that twitter is full of cyber bulling, that is why there are many people on twitter whose main objective is to cheat others or abuse them sexually. He said that he is hearing many cases of a girl/boy or man/woman who meet on twitter for a short while, and decide a place to meet. What follows is news that he or she was found dead, or raped. Furthermore, news found on twitter are some cases lies as since what is found on is personal opinions and views.

Furthermore, it is difficult to have privacy, when using twitter due to increased cases of hacking. Also, twitter accounts can easily lead to closure of your business or destruction of self images, not only to your employers, but also to your friends who you are following if you forget to log out and anoother person finds it because he/she can upload anything. Finally, John said that twitter is addictive in that if you start twitting, you might end up forgetting other serious issues. Hence, it was due to these facts that John did not see good reasons why he should join or use twitter. Tiger Woods is one of the prominent people who are using twitter.

On his twitter account found on Tiger Woods has been using his twitter account to be in touch with his fans. This has increased his popularity and performance as all his fans are usually updated on when and where the competition will be held. He also uses his twitter account to advertise his products.

For instance, he twitted on April 23 that he was preparing a video Q and A and he asked his fans to send questions and inquiries about Wells Fargo and the players. By doing this he has increased his market of his products and popularity at large.In order to determine the number of people using twitter today, I carried out research using questionnaire. I gave it to 30 people including the students of the Bloomsburg University and two other members from the same university. Most of the asked students said that they use twitter often. This shows that despite the fact that twitter is said to be affecting some people negatively, it is used by many people as well.

According to the results that ingathered, twitter is being used by many people across the globe. This is due to the fact that it is a very significant tool that can be used by anybody from any sphere of life to facilitate and simply interact with other people who are far geographically. That is, twitter has made world a global village. It has improved nearly all sections including trade, communication, among others. However, we should be always very careful on the way we use and interact with people not only on twitter, but also on other social websites.

This will help a lot in reducing cases of fraud and cyber bulling. Providers of this service should ensure that there is no any case of hacking. Furthermore, all users of twitter should be ensuring that they log out of their accounts after using so as to avoid cases where other people can post or use other people’s account. By doing these, we will be free and safe and free to use twitter.