Twitter Case Study

In 2006, the world saw a service that provides an opportunity to talk about one’s affairs, states or thoughts in real time and to all comers. This startup blew up the public and today is fighting for leadership in popularity with Facebook. Twitter case study analysis can show how a simple but innovative idea is able to bring success in the world of IT and communication.

Simplicity and Genius

The theme of how Twitter’s success story evolved is widely discussed. This idea was absolutely innovative at the time that Facebook’s analogues appeared on the market again and again.  On the functional, it is a means for publishing thoughts, files, as well as comments on known events through hashtags and communication. Development has the status of micro blogging since the system here is almost the same as for conventional blogs, but only records are limited in size and are published not under separate domains, but inside the system, attaching to a personal account.

The Story of Success

Twitter is proud of today’s success thanks to the ingenuity, perseverance, and skills of its creator. He maintains the conviction that the most significant projects for the technology market and the history of mankind are always born due to unexpected reflections since all deliberately thought out designs have already appeared and reliably occupied leading positions.

Twitter analysis case studies allow coming to a conclusion that the idea was really simple, and precisely this simplicity was the decisive factor in its success. Understanding of this concept can be really useful for those who want to invent own technological startup.The idea of creating a service was visited Jack Dorsey after the thought that he would like to always be aware of the news of his friends or famous persons without having to contact them personally. He managed to realize this idea. But the purposes in which Twitter is now used are completely different: some publications influence the fashion, some serve as a means of simple one-way communication with fans of creativity and any other activity, but most affect the destinies of people and the world, no matter how loud it may sound.

Researching of this company with the help of Twitter analytics case studies prove how a simple idea turned the way of habitual communication between people and allowed global communication to reach a new level. Thanks to the fact that users can publish news quickly and even with a bad connection, sometimes the loudest news begins to spread from here.

Gaining Public Recognition

Initially, the service was used only within the company, but after a while it became public. In 2007, a separate company Twitter was founded. In the same year, they managed to achieve their first successes.

At the South by Southwest festival, the number of users has tripled and reached 60,000. This was the first public demonstration of a new social network. The Internet community took Twitter very positively, all the leading bloggers responded well about the service. After only a few years, the number of users reached tens of millions. The promotion of one of the most successful Internet projects in the history of the World Wide Web began in this way. From this perspective, a Twitter business model case study can be researched.

The company chose the right time and place to begin its promotion and accurately guessing the mood and needs of potential users, offered them exactly the service they wanted to see.


Envious people constantly commented on the company’s actions from the negative side, despite the fact that it was constantly persuaded by well-wishers. Negative comments began to appear immediately after the release of the project. The main argument was the ambiguity of the purpose of the service even though its idea was simple to improbability. However, Twitter managed to avoid conflicts by simple ignoring of all envious comments, and this model of behavior can also be researched from the perspective of an ethical business conducting.


In the world, there is still a lively discussion about whether Twitter is a brilliant find or an absolutely useless invention. The service itself, meanwhile, is steadily gaining momentum and is gradually expanding its capabilities. The annual growth of Twitter users is more than a thousand percent, and the company’s revenue is estimated at millions of dollars only from the sale of advertising.