Are We Losing Focus and Drive in School?

Schools in America in this day and age do not have the main focus of educating students as they used to.

Yes, you can scrutinize the curriculum, read the mission statement, and interview the superintendent, but the American public school system is currently in a down- spiraling cataclysm. What can we do to solve it? Well, most straight forward Samaritans in our world always ask this to empower a sense of do-good, but is this is the question we should be asking ourselves? Today, you can walk into most classrooms and find this typical situation: students attempting to put some amount of effort into the assignment, some trying to send that last crucial text to their counterpart, or even a separate activity being done other than the assignment. If you ask most parents who are unsatisfied with the public school system, the classroom and school day is a literal combination of your community baby-sitter and daycare. Those who attempt to learn are engulfed with the students who ruin the enlightened air of school. Thus, we’ve created a biased social system that shuns out the students with dreams and morals.

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Now, is this the environment we initiated? I don’t exactly think our senators put those exact words in the bill for education. Now, excluding the Top Ten Schools List by Forbes, etc., the mainstream public schools in America are desperately behind in academics. Compared to other world powers such as China, Australia, and Western Europe, our students rank high, but not high enough in the future’s needed careers and testing surveys. Our curriculum and state standards vary within a radius of ten miles, and our mathematics/ sciences are extremely weak.

How is the next generation supposed to propel America if they have no core understandings of essential subjects? Students must ask themselves this question as they procrastinate on that biological report or slum through the persuasive essay due soon. As an idol to other countries, America must uphold its successive standings as it is renowned to the world as a major power in almost everything. So, I close this piece with advising every alert student who wants to achieve and empower this better nation to focus on his/ her goals and strive for them.