Art and Music are more important than Physical Education

Has a teacher ever told you to express yourself artistically in everything that you do? Many people say they truly believe that a child expressing himself is very important, and that it is what separates them from the other children. I believe that most people do not take this seriously, since many schools seem to be getting rid of their art classes or minimizing their music curriculum.

Many children love to sing or play a musical instrument. They feel that it is their way to show people what they enjoy doing. Many school boards are taking that form of personal expression away from them. Also, the school boards are cutting the art budgets down to support things such as physical education. I agree that physical education is important; however it does not allow students to express themselves. Physical education is mandatory, while art and music are merely electives.

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This makes no sense, because even though the children are getting the proper exercise they are not getting the proper amount of self expression. I am an actress and a singer. If music was taken away from me I would cry my heart out. The school board might say I could replace musical theater with, of course, physical education and sports. My sister is an artist and if drawing was taken away from her she would be really upset.

Many people look over the artistic individuality that people possess because they are always worried that their body will not look right or they will not get the right amount of exercise each day. What really matters to you in the long run: that you look good and always get the proper amount of exercise or that you enjoy expressing yourself artistically no matter what others think of you? The way to live is to enjoy every moment of your life by expressing yourself artistically. At the rate America is going, I do not know how much longer we will be able to!