Physical Education: The Missing Period

Swish! Whack! Clap, clap, and clap. Those are three out of many sounds you hear from sports. Sports are vital to us kids at these times where sports are forgotten and academics are more than embraced.

Sports are enjoyable but they also help you in life. Who can tell you if your job is going to be something that doesn’t require or involve any physical labor? No one. People think sports build character, but John Wooden (American basketball coaching legend) once said “Sports do not build character. They reveal it.” I couldn’t agree any more.

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Sports make you mentally tougher as well as physically. You learn never to give up, you stay strong, you always learn to think a step ahead, and you gain great leadership skills. Those four attributes from basketball are great for life. This could be applied even to a job without any physical work needed. An example is if you join a great big company, you’re helping your “team” stay ahead from the other rival companies.

Everyone wants to be strong. No one wants to be anorexic or obese, skinny or fat. Sports do this for you in an enjoyable workout. You don’t have to do push-ups or sit-ups, all you have to do is play your game well and play hard. Strength definitely will come to you. In swimming and soccer, with all that kicking your legs are getting a nice workout as well as your happiness.

In basketball and football your arms are getting worked out. However if you want to stay on top of your game resistance exercises are ideal. Sports are so great they even help you in school learning. As mentioned earlier I said you always stay a step ahead. That means you do homework in advance in most cases.

I do this so I have more time to practice my basketball and tennis and I have many other friends who do the same. After having your gym class you’re quieter and more observing. You have released all that energy that could distract you from learning and disrupting the class. When you are assigned in groups in class you lead your group to success by finishing the work quickly and efficiently. Sports prevent you from many bad distractions like too much video game playing and television watching.

If you sit on the sofa eating chips and only play video games, chances are you will become fat or fatter. That’s one of the worlds problems right there fixed! That simple. America will be a more healthy and strong country. Less Mcdonalds all over the world! I know that may be difficult, but there are limits on everything in the world and that should be one, to have less junk food and more fruits and vegetables providing you with vitamins. Overall gym is important for kids and the rest of humanity.

We Americans tend to be on the heavy side of things compared to other countries if you know what I mean. We will be more strong and smarter. That could do wonders for our society in times like this with our economy bad, the oil spill, and global warming. Like Barack Obama would say “We need change!”