Arts Classes Shouldn’t to Be Mandatory for School

High school students are required to take many different classes. Students should be focusing more on their core classes. Art and Music classes should not be mandatory for high school students.

To start off, most of the students do not enjoy art and music and they choose not to take them. If high school students aren’t interested in taking theses classes they will not do well and get bad grades. If students don’t give an effort and get bad grades or fail the class, it will lower their GPA. It will also decrease their chance of getting into a better college in the future.Another reason why students should not be made to take music or art is so they can focus on other subjects in school, such as math and science. Core classes are more important than taking a music or art class because you need core classes for your future.

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Core classes, such as math, English, and science are mandatory and will prepare you for the future in the long run. Music or art will not prepare you or help you in your future, as there are very few jobs in music and art.Lastly, students should have a choice on what classes they are taking. Students have their mandatory classes to take but should not be forced to take a art or music class. Students should be able to focus more on elective classes that will help you in the future.

In conclusion, high school students should not be made to take Music or Art. Some students will not be interested if they don’t enjoy them and they will not do well. Music and Art is not an important skill to have for the future because there are very little jobs. Students should have a choice if they want to take music and art or not. Would you like to be forced to take a music or art class?