Singing Classes in School

I think it is important to have atleast one class at every school that is devoted to singing and only singing. Choir not included. To me it’s important because there could be kids in school where singing is a career they want to pursue when they get older. Choir isn’t good enough for me because it only helps you warm up to singing with a group of kids. Sure there are solos once in a while but i mean atleast have a class where they teach you vocal tricks.

Warm ups and techniques. Then after like 3 months the teacher could arrange a perfomance night for those kids and they each perform for they’re parents and friend who want to go see. So then they can get the feel of performing on stage. In choir the teacher only works with the whole group of kids but never seperatly with one. Thats where the singing class im trying to talk about comes in. Where the teacher can spend the day teaching the kids about something then helping each individual through it alone.

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Thats only my point of view but other might think differently.