Back To the Future

Hello 15-16 year old Tala, This is your 50 year old self looking back at my past and remembering all those memories. (Never forget how you always loved to look back and remember as much as you can) Any who, don’t worry you’re doing fine now in life.

You’d be surprised that time travel is now a thing in 2050, I was lucky enough to try it out to relive my childhood and teen years again. I’m taking advantage of this time to talk to you right now. I would like to assure you that your life carried on as you wanted it to. You got most of what you’ve always wanted and you’re (practically me actually, this is really confusing) thankfully as happy and comfortable as you’d wanted to be. You got those 4 troubling but attractive kids you’ve always wanted and you actually got your Harry (Keep calm please- quick side note actually, I noticed your One Direction references in your second blog post as well). Anyways, your patience and kindness and love towards the world paid off by having the world give you everything you wanted.

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After all those years of planning, wondering and worrying about your future, you ended up feeling proud that you were confident enough from such a young age to know what you actually really wanted in your life, you’ve succeeded. As much as you’ve struggled in your younger years, some ofthose moments were worth for helping you build and find yourself overtime. I still remember how worried you were in high school because you didn’t know about what you wanted to do in your future. You’d always wonder, what am I going to major in? What am I going to work as when I’m older? I’m giving you a heads up that you actually did struggle with this, but you eventually found the right path and did what you were in doubt of when you were younger (Not going to publicly mention it, keep it within yourself. Trust me).

Also, remember how scared you were of graduating? Well you did it and you didn’t feel so scared after you realized that after high school, you still kept a good connection with all your close friends because you all lived near one another since you all cared too much about your friendships. And now, your kids are playing with your old classmates’ kids and that was your teenage goal, so keep living! I actually am very proud at how you are now as a teenager. You look at the world outside the box and speak up about it, unlike everybody else who would blindly follow the media and society which is not their best guide. I’m proud of how mature you thought about the bigger picture of the world but was still crazy enough to act your teenage age. Continue doing what you’re doing no matter how many people try to speak against the good of you. Do what makes you happy and follow it no matter how many people disagree because no one knows you better than yourself.

And anyways, I know you wouldn’t back down as an individual because of how strong you were and how soon you’ve learned how to accept and love yourself no matter what. I just warn you to be careful and always remember your home, Palestine, and your family andfriends, alongside with your past and most importantly, remember yourself at all times. Believe in yourself now and until forever. See you soon Tala!