Veiws of the Future by Vonnengut vs Asimov

The two storys are both set in the future. Vonnegut’s future society was about everyone being equal, even though his story ” Harrison Bergeron” was taken to far.

In Asimov’s “The Fun They Had” Maggie pondered about going to school because her teacher was a robot. These two stories are similar in which the both are based in the future and they both ,in retro-spec, have the same initial idea. Both Asimov and Vonnegut both believe the future will hold technology that has good intentions to better the people. In Asimov’s ” The Fun They Had” Maggie’s brother, Tommy, found a book in the attic of their house. When Maggie found out that there was such thing as school she immediately got jealous. She was also bombarded with her own questions about school.

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The one thing she knew for sure was that she wanted to go to school, not be taught by this robot teacher.She had already hated learning and her new knowledge of school didn’t help. Then she thought that it would be fun to going to school, then by process of elimination, giving the story the name ‘ The Fun They Had’ In Vonnegut’s ‘ Harrison Bergeron’ he thought people would take ” Everyone created equal” to far. For example, in his story he made all the beautiful people wear ugly masks. He also made people who were smart have there thoughts interrupted. Moreover, Vonnegut had a grim vision of the future.

Both stories are different and alike in many ways. Some ways they are alike are they are both set in the future. And they both have characters whose thoughts go against what society believes to be right or true. For example, Maggie believed in going to school and Harrison believed that everyone should be different. Someways they were different are they were both not about equality.

Vonnegut’s was but Asimov’s was more about Maggie and how she wanted to go to school. I think Vonnegut’s view says he is more negative and Asimov’s says he wanted to see more advancements in society. I know that we will always be advancing technology wise. I mean we always have been. Just look back at our first cars and now we’re starting to come out with electric cars ( i.e.

the Tesla car). I believe that there will major uprising and downfall in the future. But over all I think the future will initially be as normal for the people who live in it as we think the present is normal.