Benidorm Study


The marina hotel is in Benidorm near the beach I am doing this study because I have to, in this study I will investigate problems the tourist industry has on Benidorm, cover people’s opinions, work out possible solutions to some problems. I hope you enjoy my geographal adventure into Benidorm. location Marina hotel Marina hotel climate Benidorm is generally hot and only tends to rain in the winter, spring and autumn months, in the summer the weather is absolutely perfect for tourism hot/ warm weather is the main attraction for British tourists.

History of tourism Before the 1960s, Benidorm was a small village. Today it stands out for its hotel industry, beaches and skyscrapers, built as a result of its tourist economy. Benidorm has a permanent population of 71,198 people, ranking I the fifth most populous town in and around Alicante. It is one of the most important holiday resorts in Spain, with an area of 38. 5 km?. Benidorm has existed since 1325 when it gained it? s town charter from Admiral Bernat De Serria at Polop castle which was then part of the kingdom of Valencia.

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The giving of town charters was  carried out until the 17th century as a way of removing the Moors and allowing Christians to inhabit the area. The first tourists were attracted to its weather and beaches. Problems Tourists mainly from England go to Benidorm for cheap alcohol and cheap nightlife causing all sorts of trouble throughout the year. Also, most tourists don’t like the native foods, so the food retailers have to import English food which may cause illness and loss of money to the poor farmers.


Tourism has a great economic impact on Benidorm which enables it to create better facilities for the future tourists and many other things.

Provides jobs Solutions Some possible solution to these problems is harsher punishments on being drunk and disorderly; stop all inclusive holidays; try and encourage people to eat traditional food by advertisement.


People think tourism has positive and negative impacts on Benidorm but most people that I have asked think it’s positive this could be because it is or because they don’t understand how the Brits litter and disturb the locals.


I think that tourism has an overall positive impact on tourism in Benidorm because the economic impact is enough to put up with all the problems that tourism brings. Also it provides jobs for the local people. I also think tourism is not sustainable unless they do something to stop the Brits and others from disturbing locals and becoming drunk and disorderly because the rate is rising and it will put people off going there.