Best Teacher Ever

Educator of the Year is a big title and I couldn’t have thought of a better person to choose than my teacher Kevin Walker. He is a new teacher at my school; he has made me believe that going to school and learning can be fun, but not only does he make learning fun, he also always has you hooked on the work of that day. When it is time to start class, he always starts the class off with calling it a “Work Day” and you know that it is time to work, but it never is work if it is fun. Although it may not sound interesting, we always are studying maps in school about different continents and places, and even if it doesn’t sound very fun, it always is because he makes learning things enjoyable and he doesn’t end up making it boring.

I’m sure that you have probably figured out that he is a Social Studies teacher or as we call it in our school our Civics and Governments teacher. In his class he is always teaching and making sure that everyone is caught up on the news whether it is locally or worldwide; we are always caught up and enjoy staying on top of GOP debates and discussing the topics in them. We are always learning new things and most times if we are learning, it involves some sort of cool documentary. Speaking of documentaries and how they are always on I can’t imagine one of the documentaries we watch without David Attenborough; he is basically the British Morgan Freeman and he is always adding that extra boost of interest into the documentary. Mr.

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Walker always is having us work and take notes during these documentaries and even though nobody likes to take notes, they help a lot for studying for the test and always pay off. Overall, with all of the things we do in his class, he is one of the greatest teachers I have ever had. Mr. Walker always finds ways to make a class better, and I would be very proud to be the reason he gets the Educator of the Year award.