I was laying in my bed. A mound of blankets, writing in my notebook. It must not have been very life changing, because I don’t even remember what it was about.

I had been crying. When my phone buzzed to life. I glanced down to see it was my best friend, calling me. It was eleven at night. What was she thinking, calling me this late at night? I was in a hurry to answer it.

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I stumbled out of bed, and yanked my phone of the charger in a hurry. It must have been urgent, because she never calls me this late. I coughed, clearing my throat so there was no evidence of distress, or fragility. “Hey, what you calling for this late at night?” I stutter out. “Hey! Rain is arguing with me over Vampire Diaries, she won’t agree with me on… “Hey, it’s Rain, I’m not arguing with her i’m just telling her that Damon is forever going to her elen…” “She keeps persisting that Damon hurts Elena, and that he’s going to perced to cause her harm, and eventually be the cause of her demise. What she doesn’t get is that Elena means everything to Damon, and even though he causes so many problems for her, he is her everything.

He also is a better person with Elena in his life.” I go to respond and I stifle the cry that begs to be set loose. I fail in my attempt to barricade all the emotions in. Even though they plead to be set free. She knows me better than anyone.

In an attempt to hid the sniffle that I made, I laugh and pretend to be listening and try to respond. “We…ll I agree that Damon is.

.. ” I can’t hold it in anymore, I let out a muffled cry, and once I had let it out, like a beast it ripped through me. I couldn’t stop the tears that left my eyes. “Stephanie Ann Leugers, you tell me right now why you’re crying!” “I uhh… I don’t know, I got in an argument with my dad, and I just don’t know what to do.

” “Hey! Remember what we’ve talked about countless times. You’re important, even if they are upset with you, you are still important. They will get over themselves eventually. You just have to remember that Rain, and I are always here for you.” ” I know. This is why you’re my bestfriend.

Don’t you ever forget about me please, I’m not sure how well I would handle everything I go through without you.” I let out a laugh because she proceeded to talk about random things in an attempt to force me into a happy state of mind. We talked for way over an hour before we decided to just talk in the morning.