Birthday Lockers

Throughout the school year, students enjoy decorating other students lockers for their birthday. Most students do this either before or after school so when the person shows up at their locker they feel appreciated and loved because of the wonderful surprise their friends left for them.

Students also do this for half birthdays if their friend has a summer birthday. Although, sometimes they can be distracting in the halls. For example, some girls decided to decorate their friends locker after school. So, they put up streamers, balloons, wrapping paper, and spelled out her name in big shiny letters. Within just a few days, balloons were most likely whacked off, and the letter in her name were rearranged. ?who would do this to my locker?? she said in shock.

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. I’m sure some can relate to how this student felt. Most of the outcomes of decorating a friend’s locker are positive, but if more incidents occur, there could be serious consequences, or maybe temporarily banned. All in all, decorating lockers are fun for everyone so remember to be respectful when you pass by a decorated locker and maybe you’ll want to make your friends day by decorating their locker too