Public Schools should have elevators that we are allowed to use during school. I think that if we did have elevators, than we wouldn’t be late to class as much. The elevators should be in use all day, until maybe 4:30 after school, for the people who need to stay after school for Friday school, or something else. Schools should allow students to use the elevators that are in the school, and not just for the people with crutches, or in a wheel chair.

I think that since the school only has two floors, that we should at least have a couple elevators on each floor. The reason why we should have a couple of elevators is because, there would be a lot of people wanting to go in the elevator than people going down two flights of stairs. So the elevators would be packed, and have a line waiting to get in them, if you don’t have more than two or three elevators. So then they would have no choice than going down the stairs. Finally, my reasoning for having elevators would be, so that people won’t have to run to their lockers, grab their things that they need for the next class, and hurry up and run to their next class.

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Like the band and choir students, we have to go back to our lockers, get out our instrument and music, shut our locker, mess with the lock, and then we have to run all the way down stairs, and try to run fast enough before our three minutes are up. So that is why I think we should be allowed to have elevators, and use them.