Here at *********** high school we have one of the largest choral programs in the district. With five periods of fifty kids each, choir plays a very significant role in the lives of many students.

Recently however, the school district is enforcing massive budget cuts that will endanger not only the choir classes, but the teacher as well. Every student currently enrolled in the choral is very committed to the program and enjoys the program thoroughly. Choir is a class that lets students express themselves and let loose for a period, to have fun. Another very important component to the classroom is the teacher herself, who everyone thinks of as a fun but strict teacher who gets the job done. Because of the seniority rule, our teacher is in jeopardy of losing her job. If the teacher or classes of the choral program are cut from ********* high school, students will only feel emotions of disappointment and resentment.

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Budget cuts are precluding students from reaching their full potential and doing things that they enjoy. Students look forward to choir because it provides them a way to receive a strong musical background. School is a very strenuous environment and requires strong focus. The choral program offers student’s a fun way to learn the complexities of music, both singing and theory. You can begin the class as a complete novice, but at the end of the semester you’ll be able to sing major scales and clap out rhythms.

As the year progresses you’ll even learn how to read music. As you learn more in the class, the music you sing will become more complex, and soon you’ll be singing Italian arias that can make even the grumpiest person smile. Singing also let’s students express themselves in a non disruptive way, putting their antsy energy to good use. Every student needs an art or performing art class in order to graduate, and choir brings the best benefits. Choir also give students important social skills for their future. Seeing as how each class is populated with about forty or more kids each, these classes provide a great way for students to meet new people.

High school can be a very awkward place, and making friends can make your journey more comforting. Singing in choir isn’t just for the fun of singing during school however, there are required performances. In preparation for these concerts, students are taught how to relax and perform perfectly in front of a large audience. This helps students who want to dive into the subject of public speaking. It will also give students more confidence in speaking to large groups of people.

Choir also teaches students to break out of their shells. In the beginning of the year, each student is tested individually in front of everyone to see what group you will be singing in for the rest of the year, tenor one, tenor two, baritone, or bass. At first, singing in front forty kids you don’t know is very disheartening, but once you get to know everyone in the room, you become much more confident and sing loudly and proudly when you’re asked to. Choir is a place where students gain friends, skills and confidence. Choir however is not always amusing, it is a strict class which requires focus and a high learning ability. You won’t be able to pass the class just by being a good singer.

In the class the teacher has very high expectations and will test you on your knowledge of musical theory frequently. Tests in the class include a lot of information on rhythm and note reading. You are also tested on composers and their history. Music however does not stop at English, in choir classes students may explore the wonders of different languages. I have done one and a half years of choir and have already sang songs in English, German, Italian, and Latin. Songs like these give you a taste of other cultures and may encourage you to pursue them.

Other tests of skill include the learning of intervals, a task in which you must know certain pitches played. Altogether choir brings difficult but rewarding skills that students will need to work hard to earn. The most important thing about choir is that it is fun. Singing songs and interacting with classmates in choir truly makes me happier every day. In fact, the only class that I really look forward to is choir. If the choir programs were cut, school would be a very dismal time for me, and who knows, my grades may even drop from the sheer lack of a fun period.

Of all the art classes that ********* High School provides, choir is truly the best.