The Averillpark Budget

The Averill Park budget affects kids all over the school district.

It affects school activities. Also imagine being a sixth grader looking forward to a end of the year field trip. Then the trip gets cut. How would that feel? In addition my opinion about school field trips is, if there was a field trip in every subject. Then kids would be more excited to learn about that subject.

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The budget of 2012-2013 is only $53,519,565 that isn’t to much if its thought about. The budget has decreased 2.77%. Also there is a estimated tax levy percent increase of 3.95% in the budget of 2012-2013 school year, most importantly, $54,000,000? For the whole district that’s how everyday things get cut like after school buses, freshmen sports and many other things. In addition of things being cut, end of the year field trips, after school activities, and after school tournaments maybe cut as well or more teachers losing their jobs.

Another thing to be added is that last year all modified sports were cut; none at all. Everyone was bummed out. Then the 2012-2013 school year became a lot more fun for 7th and 8th graders because they got they’re sports back. They all were very excited that enough money was scrapped up for them. Now what about next year? It doesn’t seem like next years kids will be so lucky.

What are they supposed to do? Finally that is why the board should fund more money into sports, after school activities, and field trips. To start the kids will be unhappy, unfit, and bored of classes because of no field trips. Also the budget is affecting everyone by cutting stuff that is necessary, if I was the board I would fund the all of the things the kids enjoy instead of cutting them. What’s the board going to do to help the kids that are obese because there wasn’t a school sport? Or do for the kids looking forward to a field trip? Also what about the kid that needs a ride but there is no after school buses and they can’t get one? WORKS CITED “Averillpark Budget.” N.p.

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