Is Still Bullying?

During a creative writing class, a kid was making fun of another kid because he was African American. The African American kid asked for help, but no one would help.

The teacher just kept telling him to do his work. After a while, I had had enough and said “hey! racism is not cool,please stop”.Because of Incidents like racism, my school has implemented in many ways to end bullying. One of the ways was No H8 week. No H8 week was a whole week where we would wear different colored shirts to support diversity, LGBT, and disabilities.

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My school has also had programs like Best Buddies. In Best Buddies, people help and befriend people with disabilities. These programs give students an understanding of each other, which creates an environment where people understand and accept each other.Instead of just punishing bullies, my school gets to the root of the problem: a negative environment. By creating a positive environment, people are happier and therefore nicer to each other.

This is how my school have attempted to strike out bullying.