The Bullying

As the years keep progressing, the crime rate keeps going up. Since 1995 the crime rate has gone up 25% but what is even more surprising was that bullying has gone up 50%. The ethics of young students are going down. How can you hurt another student one purpose? One boy puts another boy under duress by pushing him up against a locker until he gets what he wants to know. Is it their home life? Our parents culprits of crime as well or is it just young kids doing what they do.

It could be a mix of both. About 38% of parents, who have trouble with the law, have children who also have trouble it. They are inexorable to change how they think.A junior in high school told us, when he used to bully he hoped they would fight back so it would be more fun. Other bullies concurred with that boy.

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Some bullies do it flagrantly hoping something with happen. About 12% of bullies enjoy doing it and they say it helps them let out stress. They feel less rampant after doing it.The principals has admonished that he will not let bully get away with it anymore. He has let it go inane for long enough.

He has tried to keep bullying a clandestine action at schools. Bullying is out in the open now and this article will help tell the parents to watch their kids.