Bullying's Effects

Bullying is happening everywhere in the world today, in every school. I know it sounds crazy but it’s correct.

Bullying is something that can’t just go away completely and even if you try to make it vanish, it’ll take a while. Bullying is when someone is trying to hurt you in different ways, to feel like they have power over you. News flash, it’s hard for kids and young adults to deal with bullying alone. I know you know that you’ve probably watched movies about bullying or have seen it happen. They can grow up and have depression and anxiety. It can lead to horrible actions that kids and teens do to abuse themselves, like cutting or attempting suicide all because of bullying.

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Studies have shown if bullied at a young age they are most likely to have depression and may need special treatment as they grow older (Nierenberg). As I said before, bullying can cause people to try and hurt themselves physically and mentally. They can try and actually cut themselves or just feel insecure all the time and of course, it’s not fun to deal with. Believe it or not, bullying isn’t actually so bad.You need to think about what good it can do.

Visualize yourself feeling worthless and useless and, feeling like you don’t deserve to live anymore. Growing up, there have been countless times where I felt worthless, lonely and I have to admit, I’ve had thoughts of suicide. Later on, I’ve realized how much people I can hurt around me and how pointless and sad it would be. I thought no one cared, but they do.If they don’t then you will find someone else who will.

It’s hard to hear judgment from others but people are people, they will always be judgemental. This might sound familiar because It may have happened to you too. It was bleak, but sometimes all I needed to do was talk to someone about it. I’d just watch movies and tv shows to distract myself. Whenever a friend of mine feels insecure and down, or they have thoughts of suicide.

I understand them to help them think straight. You don’t know how much it can mean to someone when you show you care. Whenever you’re there for them and give them support. I’ve had experience with dealing with a friend’s death and I just wish I had talked to her more and spent more time with her. You can never tell if a friend or family member will leave, always talk to them and help them through the tough times.

If you are dealing with your issues then I bet other people are too, I mean come on you probably might think that it’s not that big of a deal. People have other problems in life that you may not know of. Suicide is the third leading cause of death among young people, resulting in about 4,400 deaths per year (“Bullying and Suicide”). Bullying doesn’t only happen in school, it can happen online. A lot of the world today use social media and the internet. Bullies use it to embarrass others, calling them names and making fun of them.

Posting pictures that they wouldn’t want online, to make them uncomfortable.If you see someone getting bullied or if you are experiencing bullying. Even worse, if you are the bully then just stop and think what you could be doing. If you see someone getting bullied then build up your confidence and go over there to help that person, stand up for yourself and the victim, find an adult to talk to.We don’t want it to get worse. Bullies are meant to make you feel weak and have no value, so they can feel like they have power over you.

Consider the benefits from bullying, it is part of life and you can learn from it. It can teach you of how you can deal with judgment and criticism. It can make you see from different perspectives. I mean, bullying is horrible but just think about it in a way that can help you. It’s not so bad, is it? You can learn how to stand up for yourself and others.

You can learn more about life. Everywhere around the world, many are getting bullied every day. In school or online, bullies use social media, use hurtful words or physically hurt the victim to make them feel worthless. They can easily get depressed and do poorly at school, it can also lead to many horrendous actions like cutting themselves or attempting to kill themselves. Make sure you get help and talk to someone, call a suicide hotline and talk to a counselor or a therapist.

If you are a victim, get help now. Save yourself and the lives of others.