Case Ih 305

Review Paper Case IH MX 305 Jon Hansen When you see a Case IH 305 plowing in the field there is more than what meets the eye. First off most people just notice the red color and never give it a second look, but there are so many things that you are overlooking. The Case IH MX 305 Magnum is a powerful machine. It is the second biggest front wheel assist tractor in the Case IH line up. It has right around three hundred horsepower. It is a nice sized tractor that can do just about everything that you will need to be done.

Some things that you can use it for are: planting, spraying, cultivating, chiseling, pulling wagons, or on the auger cart. And that is just to name a few. This tractor is very versatile and there is practically no job too big or small for it. When looking at our tractor you will notice some very nice features that it has. Many of these are options and are not on all MX 305 machines. We ordered the tractor so that it will meet our expectations of what we want it to have.

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It came off of the production line having all of these great things on it. The first thing that you may notice is the extra tall tires.The backs are fifty inches tall. Normally the tractors only have forty-six inch tall tires. And the fronts are thirty-eight inches tall opposed to the thirty four inch tires on others.

Having these larger tires makes the tractor able to go faster. This will also set the tractor up higher and make it easier to see in your wagon if in the grain cart. Also make it less likely to knock down tall crops when spraying your fields. The only real disadvantage to these tires is that you will have one more step that you will have to climb to get into the cab. This is not a problem for me but my grandfather is not a fan of it.That is why he only drives it then you don’t have to climb in and out of it very much.

He is a very smart man. Another nice feature that it has is its lighting. It has Case IH’s new three hundred and sixty degree lighting feature. It has more lights around the cab and really lights up the whole field around the tractor. This is really nice when doing field work at night when it is dark outside. They use LED lights which are light emitting diodes.

They are really bright and are a very high efficient lighting system. They are very nice and will light up everything like it is day time.The only thing is that it is not a cheap thing to add onto your tractor but it is well worth in in the long run. We have got fenders on our front tires. This keeps your machine a lot cleaner then working in any mud.

It also keeps your windows a lot cleaner allowing you to not have to clean them nearly as much. These are not cheap to add on at about a thousand dollars. In our eyes it is much worth it. On our old tractor we had a much larger weight bracket on the front of it weighing about nine hundred pounds. This made it very nice when pulling in the field if you needed any extra traction.By having that it made for a very rough ride then driving on the highway as they would have too much weight on the front of the machine.

On this tractor we decided to get the smaller weight bracket. It weighs right around four hundred pounds. This makes for a much smoother ride on the highway as it does not bounce at high speeds. We still have free weights we can put on it if extra traction is needed, but we do not have them on then not needed. The tractor still has thousand pound weights on the inside of each wheel giving it great traction. Having these weights on it will help it so it can still pull like a beast.

The next features we have will be in the cab. It has many things that make the cab really nice and luxurious. It is a very large and spacious cab to start off but there are many things that made it just that much nicer to operate. The first thing is that it had a luxury package. This consists of the seats being wrapped in nice red leather.

The seat has a heater in it also. This keeps your butt warm even on the coldest of days. They also have the throttle covered in leather as well as the steering wheel. They give it a classy look to it. Another nice thing it has is the back window is tinted.This way the sun isn’t pounding in on you all of the time.

It is nice on a really hot and sunny day. The only downside is that when it is dark it is tougher to see. It is not that big of a deal though. And also when backing into a dark shed it makes it a little tricky but you can normally handle it. Another nice thing the tractor has in it is a buddy seat.

This way someone can ride with you in the cab of the tractor it is kind of nice so you are not so lonely. It really makes it nice for your smaller kids who want to ride with you. I know it beats the heck out of sitting on a cooler like I used to do.Overall this tractor is set up really nicely. It has everything you will ever need when you are out working in the field.

Plenty of power, comfort, reliable, and it looks good too. What else would you ever need in a tractor? I personally do not think I would change anything on this tractor as it is set up really nicely for everything that we will ever need it for. So next time you see a big red tractor in the field you should slow down. That way you can admire all of the great features it has. And just admire what a nice piece of work it is. I know I do.