Sol y Canto Case Study

How does Sol y Canto define its business? Identify the offer, the target market, and the product and delivery capability. – They define their business by creating music and performances that move, delight, excite and connect the audience with Latin American culture. Connecting individuals in general; Hispanic and Non-Hispanic through a shared experience of music. Their target market ranges from small Children to senior adults. They perform mainly in the U.

S. And Puerco Ricoh.

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2. Describe the culture of the Matador’s business. The Matador’s are a small company of six and are very close.

They rely heavily on respect, consideration, and open communication with each other. A great thing they do is hold weekly staff meetings that ensures all issues are resolved in a timely manner.

3. Which methods of deciding upon business opportunities did Rossi and Brian Matador pursue? They primarily focused on pursuing voice-over work outside of heir home. They felt it would be a great idea to include their twin daughters with some of the voice-oversee. They kept costs low by staying at home.

4. What competitive advantages does Matador Bilingual Voice-oversee have in the voice- over field? List them and indicate whether each is based upon quality, price, location, selection, service, or speed/turnaround or a combination of these. Guarantee their service (service), dozen of testimonies (quality), provides competitive pricing because hey did voice-oversee in their house (price, location), long range of time 20 seconds to 20 hours (service, quality), and provided accent-free voice oversee (service, quality, selection).