Medicaid Case Study

According to Andersen’s model of health services utilization which states that there are three main factors that determine the utilization of health care. The model consists of three categories of factors known as: predisposing, enabling, and need. Rhea model also states that these three medical treatment factors determine whether or not a person will use the medical assistance that is available to them.

These factors are grouped into two categories which are known as being mutable or mutable.

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If a factor is known to be immutable it can’t be changed. However, mutable factors are the opposite of immutable factors and can be changed only if a person puts the effort to change that particular situation.. An example of mutable factors would be an individual s income changed, or the individual gained health insurance or lost health insurance. While immutable factors include health services resources, health facilities, and transportation.

It has been researched that people Nil seek out medical care if they perceive themselves to be susceptible to health robbers, believe their health problem is serious, believe treatment or prevention is cost effective and worth the time, and are able to seek out health care service *Andersen, 1995). In the case of John Q, he is a male who lives in a rural area, works fulfillment but is considered to be of the low income range and qualifies for government insurance through Medicaid. In this scenario, John suffers from high blood pressure and has a family history of poor heart conditions since his father passed away from having a heart attack.

While seeking a primary care physician John discovers the losses physician that accepts Medicaid is a 40 minute drive away. John either relies on public transportation or catches a ride with a friend. With John’s family medical history of heart problems and his diagnosis of high blood pressure, it would be recommended for him to seek regular medical examinations to make sure that his condition remains under control and doesn’t become worse.

Unfortunately, the closest available physician is 40 minutes from his house and he doesn’t have his own means of transportation to get there.