IQ Macros Case study

Elapsed O minute. Instructions Question 1 3 out of 3 points Setting up histogram in IQ Macros: Change the lower spec limit to O, and your upper spec limit is 60 for all other values The process is centered.

Answer Selected Answer: False

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Question 2 – Use the default rhea process (the bars of the histogram) fits within the specification limits. Answer Question 3 Neat is the Cap value and what does it tell you about the process? Answer Selected Answer: Cap is -0. 25 and the process is not capable. Question 4 Use the Six Sigma Worksheet (found in the Tools and Templates Folder of the LESS Green Belt online learning environment) to calculate the sigma value for the current recess.

You will use the same data spreadsheet we used to create the histogram. Hint: Use all tot the data trot boot columns.

A detect is any value greater than 60 There are 88 total data points/opportunities and there is only one opportunity for a defect per unit (over the timeshare or within the timeshare). En covered the calculating of sigma values in Week 5. Reference: Chapter 35; peg. 23. rhea sigma value is .