MOM Case Study

Many of the staff expressed dissatisfaction with their Jobs rhea board decided they were in need of a new CEO, so they hired Merely François who is known for achieving results. Francoise first concern was to get the company back on its feet and reach the higher sales they once had, and reignite the employees commitment she wants to implement an MOM to be used to combat turnover, increase morale, and lead to innovation throughout the company. François knows there will be a lot of resistance introducing this but believes it will improve Tech Depots financial situation and boost employee morale.

Low motivation – When Akin was the manager at the time at tech depot, the employees had very little motivation to do their Jobs.

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This ended up impacting the company’s performance very poorly and loss of faith in their employees. Poor Financial Results – Two years later after Keen took charge, Tech Depot’s fortunes Nerve not looking as bright. Fourth-quarter sales were down 10%, and the company Nas losing ground to competition. Low loyalty – Also when Keen was managing the employees also had very low loyalty to the company.

This then caused Keen to change how tech depot ran for the last 23 years before he was hired to replace the elder manager. Keen introduces “Management Culture” to change the company from authority into the hand of the lower-level managers to the hands of the Coo’s.

Productivity- Productivity of Tech Depot plummeted when Doug Keen took over. The company was dealing with poor financial results, employee turnover which was higher than ever, and all these things increased every year with Keen being in charge of the company. Loyalty of employees declined and openly complained about the company to others.

Managers demanded more work out of fewer employees, as a Nay to increase productivity ratios. Employee turnover – The employee’s turnover Nas caused when Keen was in charge of the company, this caused it to reach a new high level.

When the company started to change employees started wanting things to go back to the old way before Keen changed it. Employees threaten to quit. Drop in stock prices- Stock prices were lower over the year. Dissent among the ranks – The store started to rankings started to drop once Keen took over. He made changes to the company that made their store from the best in the business to not so good.

Recurring quarterly drops-Fourth-quarter sales at established stores were 10% down, second quarterly drop in a year. Staff requesting equality in treatment – the staff was not be treated to their full potential and wanted to be treated with respected to the company. Losing ground to competitors- The company wanted to increase “inventory dolomite’, but this sometimes meant customers could not always find what they were looking for. This made consumers start shopping at the competition. Tech Depot started losing ground to its main competitors.

Suppliers are unhappy – when Keen Changed all of the level of management to where the Coo’s of the company had the hands to make the decisions.

Most of the suppliers were unhappy for what they did. They end up order fewer of their products, Increase inventory velocity, etc. Suppliers no longer had the opportunity to work with local stores to solve problems. The suppliers had to perform is specific ways “or else”. Failure to comply with legislation- Employees in certain units felt pressured to work nights and weekends, sometimes they wouldn’t record their hours which is a violation of employment standards legislation.

Full-time cut for more part-time – taking away more full-time and providing more part-time so that the employees nave to work less hours to nave more for their outside of work lives.

Lack of overall direction with multiple Coo’s- Over time the CEO of tech depot didn’t know what to do. From so many changes to the company it causes the employees to get out for hand and we threatening to quit. François was going to change that introducing the MOM to the different part of the company to see how it will do in the different departments and what they can change about it to make it more effective to tech depot.

Poor communication between management – when the management didn’t communication with their employees it cause then to have low motivation, low loyalty, and high turnover because most of the employees didn’t know what to do or how to do it. Poor work life balance for gene.

Y – When gene. Y can’t work due to their social life outside of work. The gene. Y wanted more flexible working hours instead of wanting to only have to work full-time.

François gave them the solution to pick between two option which where 1) was to work longer hours four days a week and have the Friday off or 2) employees get to choose when they want to work put to only 8 hours a day.

Expressed dissatisfaction – IPPP Exit, voice, loyalty, neglect Main Issue “hen Doug Keen took over, there was a drastic change in the way the organization mentioned. He centralized the decision making process. MGM. Peg. 154. The drastic changes resulted in loss of faith and confidence in new CEO.

Employee empowerment and store managers’ authority was taken away.

Everything was expected to be quantified from performance measures, employee output, sales per hour, online forms per hour, etc. Employees did not feel that they were an integral part of the Company any more that was indicated by a high turnover and low employee morale. Merely François has now replaced Doug Keen, however she may have to work a lot harder to regain the trust and confidence of the staff. François Ants higher sales, reignite commitment to the company, overcome high turn-over, and wants to introduce flex-time. François wants to introduce this slowly without imposing her ideas.

Now she has resistance from staff that do not want MOM and others who are demanding it and threatening to quit. Alternatives: 1. Go ahead with the introduction of Output Matters Environment (MOM). Offer it first as a sample to see how it works, then implement it on a voluntary basis and focus the most attention on where it is producing the best results. Ask for volunteers from around the company to participate in a focus group to evaluate the success of MOM.

Advantages: The young workers who have threatened to quit will not quit and flex hours means they would be happier wit n their schedules.

Disadvantages: The baby boomers will be upset about the (Others Inside) Booboo, getting special treatment that they were not entitled to when they entered the workforce. Also, shortage because no one will want to work on a weekend. Each store may be visibly different from one another. 2.

Get in touch with the employees who left the Organization under the second CEO :minimum service of 5 years) and ask them to Join back and give them continuity of arrive even though they had quit the organization Advantages: you would get back people who were loyal to the company, and completely trained staff who loved the organization.

No training costs and experienced staff. Disadvantages: Employees “ho still stuck to the company through its turbulent with by Loyalty or Neglect (IPPP B) would be upset that the people who are coming back are getting continuity of service and unfair treatment. 3. Introduction of an electronic clocking in/ out system.

Advantages: Keep a tab on employee activities. Overtime under check. Also if people o need to work over time, they can’t do it without a managers authorization. This takes care of a priority problem where the company could face serious challenges if caught breaking the law, either public scrutiny or legal problems.

Even if it doesn’t Nor, it shows that they tried.

This will also help keep track of the MOM staff if Implemented. Disadvantages: Cost factor. Also employees who have been working for long time will feel that their activities are monitored and that they are under constant scrutiny. Managers are having rules imposed on them from the top down. 4.

Introduction of A resource management workshop in the company. Flatten out the organization by educating and empowering management and give them the skills they need to manage more. Introduce focus groups to keep higher management in touch with the needs and ideas of store managers.

Advantages: it will result in a flatter organizational structure, which is a goal for the company. More connections, more face to face, every part of organization could be interacting Disadvantages: Might not work, time consuming and cost factor.

Decision: Our first priority should be following the law. We will begin introducing the clocking in and out system. Teach managers how to operate the new computer system. Staff Nil need to get permission from their manager to work past their scheduled hours. Not getting permission would prohibit them from being able to use the registers, search computers or other functions related to their Job.

This will hold the managers accountable for the extra hours paid, and it sends a clear message to the staff that Morning overtime is not permissible. This initiative, even if unsuccessful, shows that the organization is taking steps towards correcting this problem. We would like to Nor towards satisfactory working conditions by obeying relevant legislation and attempt to improve overall start loyalty (B IPPP We would request liaisons from each department or region to participate in Northrop to focus on the implementation of MOM.

We would gather information and ideas in a group environment. This process will distribute to each participating level of the organization and provide access to the opinions and data of all other departments.

Implementing new ideas should be encouraged and feedback gathered for evaluation. Incentives should be given to any staff that has new constructive ideas, regardless of their results to encourage an environment o . To implement MOM: When the computer scheduling system is utilized, MOM can e set up in a department or location on a voluntary basis.

Offer support to those No want the system from both MOM supporters and_? . Give control and creative freedom back to the mangers and have the liaison report how it is doing. This practice will take care of itself, if the MOM program works, it will be used more, however if it doesn’t the results will prevent the wider use of the system.

New ideas from others using or not using MOM may offer suggestions how to improve MOM to make it work. We could end up with a _ that uses part of MOM and perhaps Implement a whole new program developed from the managers themselves.