Samaritan Case Study

These are only a few problems that they are dealing with. Problem Solving Strategies and Goals En looking at these three problems there needs to be problem solving strategies for them and goals. When looking at them making sure that the counselor uses strategies that they are comfortable with. Using STEP method is a good place to start. The first problem, both of the children’s parents are in prison.

The “S” part is Neat is the situation or problem? With this situation they might not be able to solve the situation but they may be able to get more information on why they are there and En they are getting out.

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The next “T” Have they tried to find out about their parents?. Making sure that the counselor is reflecting back what they are saying. Rhea third “P” How are they feeling about their parents being in prison, this is also a Nat to hear more about the situation. Next is “C” The choice, what does success look like tort the children, when talking about this area tot their lives. The next problem is the aunt picking them up from school and heading to a shelter for abuses women and children without their knowledge.

“S” What is the situation? In this case the aunt has taken the kids to a shelter for abused women and children, they have no dead why. T” What has the aunt tried, what has not worked that has brought the family too shelter. This is more for the aunt then the children. “P” What are the possibilities for the aunt and the children. What can she see happening to them? Listing all the possibilities that the aunt can to help the family feel safe and get support.

“C” What are the choices that she is willing to make? What does success look like for her and kids. The last problem is the children leaving their school. “S” NH did they have to leave? In this situation it was because where the shelter was located and no transportation.

T” The shelter tried to help but the school said no. ‘P” What other possibilities could help the children and their friends? “C” What are the kids willing to do at the new school? Figuring out what success is at new school Nil look like for them.

When talking about the goals, make sure that they are specific, realistic and concrete. When helping to set these goals having the children n mind and making sure that they can be done. Repeating the goals for clarity is also a good idea. Services and Support lames and Samaritan where referred to the school behavior specialist. Truly that is only a start to the process.

The aunt also needs help on why she is in a shelter for abused women and children. There is going to be different types of support needed, from, school, to understanding why their parents are in prison and know living in a shelter and a new school. There are many things that the aunt, James and Samaritan are going to have to deal with and making sure that they are setting goals that are realistic, is a must. They are going to need services that will help them check on their goals and reassess at times if needed. References McClain, T.

& Woodside, M. (2012). The helping process: Assessment to termination. Mason, Ohio: Coinage Learning .