Case Study Analysis Worksheet

Do farmers pay a full tattling by selling what Is against the reminisces of the Church? Daniel Ditz, warrant) The Prophet Joseph Smith taught that obedience to the commandments leads to blessings from God. (HTTPS://www.

Olds. Org/ What underlying warrants or assumptions must the audience accept to agree with your claim and supporting ideas? The Family: a proclamation to the world states that the father is the one who provides for the needs of the family, it does not state how to do it. Mormon farmers are increasing the good economic of the state by doing it. Sometimes the economic part to do good to the family or society is more important Han the spiritual part.

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A commandment Is given to De eye as It Is We are asked to be 100% obedient, not only 60 or 70%.

Does God accept the tithing from selling things that are against Hi law? What qualifiers or reservations should you acknowledge in the argument? “bad” – how do we define bad? “most” it does not mean all so let’s not say most but being more specific. I acknowledge that sin is sin her and there no matter what I acknowledge that Joseph Smith is not accepted for all people. I acknowledge that I am nothing to Judge what tithing is good and what is not.

I acknowledge again that Joseph Smith would be only recognize within the member of the OLDS church and not outside of it. What rebuttals should be included in the argument? The it is not okay side would say: The family need are first that our beliefs.

We do know nothing about Joseph Smith so do not come to tell us about it. I do not think the church would refuse my 10% tithing if it comes from growing hardy barley. The it is okay side would say You are helping Satan to get more people in addictions. You need to stop what you are doing and start obeying the commandments the best you can.

There are other ways to support your family and obeying God’s law.

What else could you add to make the argument stronger? (I. E. , What choice of language, emotional appeals, humor, point of view, etc. , could you include that would persuade someone to agree with you? ) Adding more information and statistics about the good Mormon farmers are doing for the state. Gathering more information from members who agree to the cause of raising barley.

Emphasizing that the products from the Mormon farmer are mostly for nonmembers who do not know about the church. Using the spiritual part of obeying will help others understand.

Advising people to go talk to their bishops about it. Showing OLDS articles to people about obedience its blessings. How committed to the church do you think a Barley Farmer probably is? Is there a fallacy? Why or why not? A Barley Farmer is committed to the church since he is following and obeying all principles. Contradictory premises – spiritual and economic part are things very different but go in hand.

A barley farmer is not committed to the church because his acts do not reflect his believes. Genetic Fallacy – God is the only one who can Judge if a person is doing the right things or not.