Case Study Complaints

This assessment will to accurately depict a veteran officer’s ability to perform his or her Job.

The IDEA protects workers 40* from age delimitation through organization, allowance, or appointment of employees. It is understandable that affective police officers need to be physically capable of performing his or her job, but they also benefit from years of service. The value of physical fitness testing for police officers clearly sets higher standards for officers and benefits younger ones. Experience and job knowledge do not alter the plan’s outcomes (Broody & Change, 2008).

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Wage increases and employee benefit packages should not be solely based on hysterical examination tests.

I would like to anonymously register my concerns without creating increased distress to my fellow employees. I hope to see the pay-for- performance plan altered to benefit all officers. My concerns will be shared with the Equal Opportunity Commission If the plan Is not altered In a timely manner. Sincerely, Armed and Concerned Complaint 2 After speaking with you on June 23, 2013, I feel that I have been unfairly evicted from my apartment.

You stated in this conversation, you would “have difficulty matching me due to my age”. The Fair Housing Acts of 1968 prevent tenants from fiction because of his or her age (Columbia Law Review, 1983).

Based on this eviction phone call, It Is obvious that your decision was based solely on how old I am. I have voiced my concerns and received a second call entailing your reasons behind my eviction. You have explained that the decision to evict me was based on my incompatibility with the other tenants in the apartment complex and my unsaddled contracted tracts.

You Montreal Tanat tenure nave Eden several scallop that yourself and other female tenants have felt threatened and unsafe. The decision is legal and follows the Fair Housing Act of 1968 (Columbia Law Review, 1983).

If these accusations were truthful, why I was not informed of them prior to the eviction notice. I was not asked to alter my behavior at or keep a safe distance from female tenants. I asked for more details and specific dates but you were not able to provide them. I believe that information should be available to me if it was severe enough to warrant an eviction notice.

Without this information, I cannot believe the basis of your decision.

I do acknowledge your attempt to appease me by offering me free rent while I look for a new apartment. I will be moved out of your property by his evening, so this offer will not be accepted. I will be filing a complaint with the U. S. Department and Human Development if we cannot create an amicable agreement by the month’s end.

I do appreciate you offer of free livening accommodations while I locate new living arrangements, but I no longer feel safe or welcome on your property.

My rights have been violated and I would like to ensure that this situation does not occur again. Sincerely, John Doe Complaint 3 To the Dean of Education of Smith Community College, I am a current, nontraditional student enrolled in courses at a metropolitan higher education facility. Approximately one week ago, I suffered an epileptic seizure prior to a lecture. As the seizure was ending, I removed my shirt.

I was in a state of confusion from the seizure and was not aware of my actions. Since my seizure, I have been pressured into withdrawing from traditional classes and enrolling in on-line courses because I am epileptic.

The institute of high learning shares the property with charter elementary school. They believe that the children could be endangering if I have another seizure and remove my clothing again. I feel that I am a victim of discrimination per Title II of the Americans with Disabilities Act DAD) (Young and National Council, 2010). The DAD requires institutes of education to provide accommodations and services to assist students with disabilities.

I was given this opportunity. The school simply eliminated the issue by removing me from their classes. I would like to re-join my classmates, and continue my educational experience.

I am not happy with the on-line classes. I am not receiving the same opportunities as the other students. Social learning is an invaluable experience.

I plan to discuss this matter with the DAD with the hopes of changing the institute’s policies per Title Ill of the Americans with Disabilities Act. Please contact me if you have any suggestions or a plan of correction (Young and National Council, 2010). Sincerely, William Jones Complaint 4 To the Corporate Manger of EWE, I am a current employee at the EWE Organization and have worked here for more than 20 years.

I would like to lodge a formal complaint against my shift manger, Mike Johns. Slice Nils advancement to snort manager, Nils Demeanor toward me NAS Decode derogatory.

He continually makes snide comments about my age, work speed, and health. I have been told to retire on more than one occasion. This may not seem like a ajar offense but it is a form of discrimination (Walker, 2008). I may not be the fastest employee but I complete my Job tasks in the allotted timeshare. I should not be antagonized for aging.

I come to work when scheduled and do my Job to the best of my ability.

My Job is important to me and I want to remain in the workforce for as long as I can. However, I cannot continue to work in a hostile environment created by Mike Johns. On January 29, 2013 1 tripped over a pallet and fell. Mike came over and stated that I was “old and blind maybe I should get a cane and glasses”.

Yes, my Sino has decreased with age but my falling was an accident. I could not see where I was going because my hands were full. Mike later stated, “Hey Pops maybe you should give it and retire. You’re chant even walk without tripping. Are you blind? A few days later Mike was telling other employees that I had blacked out. This was not the case and he knows it.

I do not want the other employees afraid of me or thinking I have issues. These management practices are unacceptable and make for a negative working environment (Walker, 2008). These comments can take a toll on anyone, let alone an aging individual. I hope that these issues with Mike can be resolved with this letter of complaint. I will however lodge a complaint with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission if the discrimination continues.

Sincerely, Gerald Baker Complaint 5 To The Equal Opportunity Commission, July, 8, 2013 I am a 40+ male currently looking for a part-time Job. I have struggled to find work in my community. In this weeks local paper, Groceries for You ran an advertisement for a cashier position. The position was part-time and would be perfect for me. I was concerned after reading the advertisement though.

It stated that “Applicants must be onus and energetic and possess excellent customer relations skills. Applicants who are selected would be required to stand for long periods of time and to lift 20 to 30 pounds. Basically, the advertisement implied that older individuals are weak, lazy, and are not personable. Older individuals would not be acceptable applicants for the open position at Groceries for You. The store’s advertisement discriminates against older individuals according to the Age Discrimination Act of 1967 (Leap, & Sparkly, 1980). The Act restricts employers from restricting open positions to a specific age group, race, or sex.

I know many other older individuals who would qualify for this position. They are more than capable of performing the necessary Job tasks.