Case Study- Dengue Fever

Dengue fever Is a virus-caused disease that Is transmitted by common mosquitoes. The most commonly mosquito that can transmit the disease Is Aides Egypt, which is found in tropical and subtropical regions. The Dengue fever is caused by four distinct viruses; however, they are closely related to each other. Illness causes by these different viruses are the same; the mosquito vector is the same; and the host is also the same. Many people infected by dengue fever may experience no signs or homonyms during a mild case of dengue fever.

When symptoms do occur, they usually occurred four to ten days after the person Is bitten by an Infected mosquito. Signs and symptoms of dengue fever can Include but not limited to: fever, up to 106 Fahrenheit; fatigue; headaches (especially behind the eyes); muscle, bone and joint pain; widespread rash; nausea and vomiting; swollen lymph nodes; and other not common symptoms. People can recover from dengue fever within a week or so. However, symptoms can be worsen and become life-threatening.

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Blood vessels become damaged and number of clot-forming cells In your bloodstream falls. This can cause: Bleeding from the nose and mouth; severe abdominal pain; persistent vomiting; bleeding under the skin; and problems with your lungs, liver and heart.

Dengue is transmitted by the bite of an infected mosquito, particularly Aides Egypt mosquito. Aides Egypt breeds in fresh water and particularly in man-made containers such as pot plant holders, buckets and tree hollows in urban areas.

These equities prefer to feed on humans during the daytime. Their peak biting activity periods are early in the morning for several hours and in the late afternoon for several hours. Currently there’s no specific medicine or antibiotic to treat the dengue fever as It Is cause by a virus.

However, we can treat the symptoms cause by dengue fever, such as increase fluid intake if there are signs of dehydration, pain medicine for headache, joint and muscle pain under the supervision of doctors.

With the bread of the disease is by infected mosquitoes, the control should concentrate on the breeding areas of the disease carrying mosquitoes. These are standing water area; can be anywhere from a small water pot to big swamp. With the community limited resources, we should concentrate these resources Into these breeding areas. As there’s no treatment for dengue fever, prevention and early diagnostic will help minimize complication of the disease. The Health Department should raise awareness of the disease; also educate the community about steps to prevention.