Case Study on Dengue Fever

Dengue Fever Case Study:

Dengue fever is a serious transmission viral disease. The symptoms of the disease are fever, intoxication, myalgia, arthralgia, rash and the increase of the lymph nodes. There are also cases of the certain hemorrhagic syndrome which make dengue fever even more dangerous. The disease is met in South and South-East Asia, Africa, Oceania and the Caribbean basin. The targets of the disease are children and foreigners who have just arrived in the area and have not got used to the new climate and the natural environment.

The sources of the disease are the ill people, bats and monkeys and the disease is transmitted by mosquitoes who bite the ill person and infect the healthy one.There are numerous symptoms of the classic cases of dengue fever: chills, pain in bones, joints and muscles, the increase of the body temperature to 39-40 degrees, anorexia, adynamia, nausea, dizziness, insomnia, rash, reddening of eyes and throat and increase of pulse.When the patient lives in a dangerous area during epidemics and is infected by various types of dengue fever, he becomes at the risk of falling ill with dengue hemorrhagic fever, which is far more dangerous for the human life.Alongside with the mentioned symptoms the patient suffers from vomits (very often with blood), pains in stomach, increase of liver, etc. Unfortunately, it is quite easy to confuse dengue fever with other tropical diseases, so many people die because of the invalid diagnosis. In order to cure the disease the patient takes painkillers, vitamins and antihistamines.

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The classic form of dengue fever is not very dangerous for the human life but the complications which occur during dengue hemorrhagic fever there is a possibility of the unfavourable end.Dengue fever is one of the numerous diseases which can be met in the ‘exotic’ tropical countries, so when one wants to travel there, he has to be vaccinated in order to prevent infecting. Dengue fever case study is a serious research of the problem related with the definite case of the disease and its complexities. The student should learn about the case much and find out about the cause and effect of dengue fever and solve the case professionally. One should analyze the problem on dengue fever scrupulously and summarize it wisely suggesting the best methods of prevention of the disease.Many students fail their case study assignments, because they have poor paper writing experience, so it is reasonable to surf the Internet and look through a high-quality free example case study on dengue fever syndrome written by the expert.

Students can improve their knowledge on the research approach and analysis of the topic reading a well-formatted free sample case study on dengue fever in the Philippines.