UP, Fever

In the movie Up written by Pete Docter and Bob Peterson, Mr. Erickson (a.k.

a Carl) Changed throughout the story, he presented a theme, It takes a tough situation for someone’s true colors to shine through, When I read Fever 1793 by Laurie Halse Anderson I noticed the same theme, from Mattie throughout the book. Carl from the movie Up looks through his dead wife’s “adventure book” after he crossed his heart to keep a promise with Russell, a wilderness scout who came along on the journey, he comes upon a grape soda pin that symbolized his love, and promises to Ellie. After looking at the pin, and remembering when Ellie said “cross your heart!” he decides to keep his promise with Russell, as if to keep his promise with Ellie. This situation reminds me of a similar situation that happened in Fever 1793. In Fever 1793 Mattie’s Grandfather Promises Mattie’s Mother to keep Mattie safe when they flee the fever struck city of Philadelphia to a small farm outside of the city where there is no fever (30).

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When Mattie’s Grandfather becomes ill when their ride to the farm dumps them on the side of the rode, he can no longer take care of Mattie. Mattie took charge and cared for her Grandfather instead of vice versa Mattie walked miles to find food and water (48). Both Mr. Erickson and Mattie came through and did something that they normally would not do. Both of these specific times in the story have the same theme which is it takes a tough situation for someone’s true colors to shine through.