Case study for Greenlease Kidnapping

The Greengages Kidnapping On September 28, 1953 young Bobby Greengages was kidnapped from French Institute of Notre Dame De Soon in Kansas City, Missouri. The victim of this horrific crime was young 6 year old Robert Cosgrave Greengages, Jar. , also known as Bobby, was the son of Robert Cosgrave Greengages, Sir. , who was a wealthy automobile dealer (FBI 2013).

I will give a brief overview of the case then I will jump right into the analysis. Bonnie Heady posed as Bobby’s aunt and told the nun who answered the door hat his mother had a heart attack.

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Once the nun released Bobby to Bonnie they proceeded to the same cab Bonnie used to get to the institute. Once Bonnie left the cab, she eventually met up with her partner, Carl Hall. The driver of the cab, Willard Pearson Screech, told authorities that a woman fitting the description of Bonnie and Bobby had entered his cab and drove them to a drug store.

The two kidnappers drove the young boy to a secluded farm; this is where Carl shot young Bobby at point-blank range with a . 38 caliber revolver and burled him by the front porch.

The Agreeableness received their first ransom letter 6:pm on September 28, 1953; this ransom note was first of many. The first note promised Bobby’s safe return wealth 24 hours as long as there were no tricks In delivering the ransom money of $600,000. The second ransom note was delivered to the family on September 29, 1953 which contained a medal that Bobby had worn and state the Bobby was k but missed his family (FBI 2013).

The Agreeableness received more than a half dozen more ransom notes and 15 telephone calls.

They received their last phone call on October 5, 1953, he kidnappers stated that they had received the $600,000 and that Bobby would be returned within 24 hours. After receiving the ransom money the two kidnappers went to SST. Louis, Missouri where Hall left Heady with only $2,000. On October 6, 1953 Hall moved into an apartment In SST. Louis this Is where he would later be arrested (FBI 2013).

The Investigation The SST. Louis Police department received a phone call on October 6, 1953 from a cab driver by the name, John Oliver Hager. John Hager was a driver for the Ace Cab Company and his information on Carl Hall lead to his arrest.

At this point in time, there was another cab driver by the name of Willard Pearson Screech told authorities that he saw a women who fit the description of Bonnie Heady and that she was with a young boy who fit Bobby’s description. He said that he personally drove heady to the school and then was told to wait. When she returned to the cab she had Bobby with her and then dropped them off at a drug store.

After leaving the cab, they stopped behind a “Blue 1952 or 1953 Ford Sedan”. Why didn’t the police follow up on this lead? This was a solid lead in the case.

In looking at the Bi’s police report there Is no mention of Screech’s statement, yet on the Bi’s website It mentions his statement. I find that a little peculiar.

Why do the police listen touch Olive Hager rather than Screech? After Carl was arrested, John led them to the whereabouts of Bonnie where she was taken Into custody. Once they were both In custody they both openly confessed to the kidnapping of young Bobby. However, Bonnie stated that her only Involvement was to Drill ten DOD Trot ten cocoons to Hall, Ana Tanat seen Ana no Idea Hall was going to murder the boy.

The investigation as whole was very solid and solved in a quick manner. I plan on doing further research as to why the police would not include Screech’s statement into the police reports; I personally believe that this case would have been solved in a faster time period than it was.

Screech’s statement could have allowed the police to track the license plate to see who that vehicle was registered to. The boys body was found by FBI agents on October 7, 1953 buried near the front porch of the Heady residence. Blood stains and some . 8 caliber shell assigns were found in the basement of the Heady residence, the “smoking gun” of the case. The FBI laboratory matched the shell casings found at the Heady residence to Hall’s gun.

According to the FBI over half of the $600,000 ransom money was never found. The FBI investigative team found the two suitcases which reportedly had the money, which were in Hall’s possession at the time of his arrest, were not brought to the Precinct in SST. Louis. The lead investigator Lieutenant Louis Air Shoulders and Patrolman Elmer Dolan were indicted for perjury.

This case has some questionable elements to it, which I Just can’t wrap my head around.

Not using a statement that could help to a quicker arrest, and then the lead investigator and a patrol man indicted for perjury? On October 30, 1953, Hall and Bonnie both appeared before a Judge and plead guilty to the crime. The Jury recommended the death penalty and only after an hour of deliberations confirmed. As stated above this case has some elements that are questionable and a little upsetting of course but the main thing is that Justice was served for young Bobby.