Case Study Haiyan

November 20013, the devastating super typhoon Hanna struck the islands of the Philippines. Typhoon Hanna is one of the strongest storms the world has ever seen and it’s the deadliest typhoon that has ever hit the Philippines. Typhoon Hanna measured winds of km/h (MPH), with gusts of km/h (MPH) or more, with waves as high as mom (fat), bringing up to mommy (15. 5 inches) of rain in places.

Facts & Figures Officials estimate up to 10,000 dead in Tactical city and elsewhere. Hundreds of thousands of people were displaced – of which 55% of them are living in evacuation centers 11 million people have been affected across the islands of the Philippines by the typhoon which swept through the Philippines – according to UN officials Parts of the low-lying islands were completely flattened – destroying nearly every homes, alluding and roads on these flat low-lying islands.

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The most affected islands were Letter, Zebu and Boll. Tactical City in Letter province has been devastated and has been hit the hardest by the typhoon Roads are blocked, food and water supplies have been destroyed and hundreds of thousands of people are starving – this is very bad as the communication system in the Philippines is very poor Bad weather and an awful high amount of debris from flattened buildings are hampering efforts to distribute aid In

Tactical City winds of the typhoon were as high as km/h (MPH). It was followed by a storm surge which reported to have reached up to mm (although it was believed to be up to 2. Mm according to official figures) and flattened homes, schools and badly damaged the airport. Most of Tactical City is below mm above sea level Typhoon Hanna has killed at least 3, 974 people and a further 1, 186 are missing, with about 500,000 people homeless according to the latest official figures