Microtel Case Study

Mall of Asia, Manila in Papas City, Philippines Surround yourself with total comfort and convenience at Micromole by Yamaha – Mall of Asia, Manila in Papas City, Philippines. Part of a world-class limited serviced hotels accommodations; we present travelers with stylish and affordable rooms, top-notch facilities, and dependable services for a hassle-free stay.

Each room treats guests with optimum comfort, convenience, and security, featuring chiropractor-approved treatises, air-conditioning, TV, Internet access, and automated fire safety spite.

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Our hotel also features a restaurant, swimming pool, conference room, and city transfers for your business and leisure needs. Moreover, you’ll find It easy to reach major attractions and destinations from our Papas City accommodation, Including Manila Ocean Park, MOA Eye, and Ninny Aquinas International Airport. A Better Place to stay’ Take pleasure in Micromole by Wyndham@’s consistently clean, comfortable, safe. And secure accommodations at value rates.

Experience the same great hotel when you stay in our hotels in the Philippines or in any of the Micrometer’s worldwide.

Why so affordable? Because we don’t have the things you didn’t want in the first place ? like costly room service and mints on your pillow. As a result, Micromole by Yamaha@ is proud to offer the best value for quality accommodations. After all, isn’t that what you were looking for? II. Brief information about the place Category: Tourist Inn

Services: Cable TV, Car Hire, Car Park, Laundry Service Functional rooms: conference/ seminar Facilities: safety deposit box, swimming pool, internet/Wife Rates: PA, 000 Website: www. Incomprehensible. Com Location Micromole Inn & Suites Mall Of Asia – Manila Branch _ PA, 999 Coral way Eave.

Cornet seaside Boulevard, SMS Mall of salsa Complex Papas, Metro Manila, Philippines Phone number (+632) 403-3333 Face (+632) 659-422 In this case study we analyze the strength, weaknesses, opportunities and threats or he SOOT of this Hotel.

If they can manage to stay longer In this Industry and to there place as well. As we can see to this hotel they can stay longer In the Industry by developing more there little weaknesses and threats, they have minimal errors but it snout’s De a inelegance to teem to expand Ana to take a lead In tens Industry. Micromole is still a beginner but we know they can make it to be good and to give there 101% service in there daily guess. And with that we can say that Micromole is a place to stay at.