Sandwich Blitz Case Study

Creating a new position within the tactical level of management can aid in strengthening the business and allow new growth. The new position within the tactical level between the strategic level (CEO) and operational level (Location Manager) will allow Dolman and Lei more time to concentrate on their expansion rather than taking on all the responsibilities. Answer #2: Since the existing managers are already accustomed to the way Sandwich Blitz operates, It would be best to hire one of the operational managers.

Building a trotter tactical level will help make the strategic level stronger and Glenn them the opportunity to put their efforts where It Is needed the most.

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The Operational Managers have the keenness to help make that happen. Answer #3: This decision should be made wealth the strategic level of the business, so Dolman and Ell should be responsible In making this decision. One way they could approach this decision is by calling a full staff meeting and listen to the other employee’s thoughts, opinions, and ideas.

This could better assist them in choosing the right individual for the position.