Case Study Houses

California is known for its unique museums and natural attractions, historical sites and large cultural centers. There are attractions of different levels, but for many travelers, California is invariably associated with Hollywood.

This area of Los Angeles remains the most attractive object for fans of the American film industry because almost all world famous actors live there.California is particularly famous for its unique architecture. Architectural diversity is peculiar mainly to large cities, as well as to medium-sized cities that have arisen in the western regions of the country relatively recently since the middle or the end of the 19th century. Small towns in the most diverse regions of the country are extremely similar to each other. As a rule, in such a city there is a pharmacy, a market, one or two restaurants, a cinema located in the center.It is worth paying special attention to the suburbs of American cities.

Their construction began together with the construction of railways, from about the 40s of the XIX century and initially, suburban buildings were conceived as the country cottages of the rich people. For them, houses in the suburbs were a way to get rid of high urban land rent and from taxes. Railway and road connections make rest at the cottage also affordable for middle-income people. Now the suburbs have become an ordinary appendage to a large city.The suburbs of growing cities are being built in the form of small cottage buildings designed for one family. These houses are put in rows and blocks of several houses per acre.

These houses are standard in construction, planning, decoration and furnishing, which is a common subject of American jokes.Often the houses are in the so-called community when there is one common entrance to the town with a code gate. In such a community usually, there are common playgrounds, sometimes, common swimming pools, sports grounds and other facilities.In the United States, there is a tendency to increase the area of residential buildings. Compared to the beginning of the 20th century, the average residential area of an average American has tripled.

The average price for such a house starts from $300,000.

Why are Case Studies on Architecture Interesting?

When Friedrich Schelling said that “Architecture is frozen music,” he could hardly assume that some skepticism will be added to his statement.  It is possible to argue endlessly about whether modern architecture is in a state of decline or recovery, but it is still necessary to recognize the following fact. There are many buildings in the world that are capable of provoking a storm of emotions and no less significant scientific interest. Some of them were created by architects with worldwide names, some by talented self-taught people; some cause shock, surprise, smiles, and admiration.

Nevertheless, the most importantly is that such buildings leave nobody indifferent. Such a variety of unique buildings throughout the world makes architectural studies particularly interesting. They allow the researcher to touch a special component of the culture and history of a particular country. Moreover, it is very interesting to compare what architectural solutions and trends prevailed in a particular country at a certain time.

Unique Architecture of California

Case Study HousesOf course, a unique architectural style still dominates in different regions of the US states. This is due to both the colonial influence and the geographical location of the state. In particular, California is famous for its unusual buildings, which are known all over the world. Here is a list of the most extraordinary buildings:Walt Disney Concert Hall, Los Angeles.

Flintstone House, Bubble House), Hillsborough.Santa Monica Civic Center.UCSD Geisel Library, La Jolla.Nevertheless, one more architectural solution deserves special attention – case study houses, Los Angeles. According to a program developed in the mid-20th century by the architects Richard Neutra, Charles, Ray Eames, and Eero Saarinen, a new concept of building houses was implemented. This makes a case study on residential houses interesting and relevant topic for research.

Why Houses Case Study Deserves Attention?

This program was most widely distributed in Los Angeles in the post-war period and contained 36 prototypes of case study houses. These are residence buildings, which can also be accessed for middle-income citizens. They do not look like all previous solutions in house building because they surprisingly combine a luxurious appearance, an unusual layout, but at the same time a reasonable price.In the history of American urban architecture, the complex history of the American nation is repeated, as in a mirror. Urban architecture comes from the primitive log buildings of the first colonists to modern cities-giants. It is possible to observe traces of multinational origin of Americans in every American city, village or farm.

Settlers from different countries of Europe brought the usual style of buildings, construction techniques, their tastes, which had to be adapted to local conditions.The case study houses are an interesting topic for research of architecture styles. The characteristic features of a certain time and place manifested in the features of the functional, constructive and artistic aspects forms the unique style. The problem of the formation and development of architectural styles is one of the central in the theory of architecture. To know the laws of the development of style means to learn a great deal about architecture and the principles of its shaping.