Case Study on Urbanization

Urbanization Case Study:

Urbanization is the growth of the importance of cities for the life and development of the human civilization. Urbanization is the process which is connected with the role of a city as the most important place where one can develop and demonstrate his skills and potential, find a job and place for living. Urbanization is characterized with the move of people from the countryside and small towns into the great cities. Naturally, not all of them move permanently, but simply go there is the morning, because have a job there and then go back home to the countryside. Cities provide people with a great number of opportunities, like work, cultural life, access to various goods and services and entertainment.The process which is opposed to urbanization is called ruralisation (people move from big cities to the countryside).

Urbanization depends on a few core factors: growth of the size of villages and towns; migration from small towns to big cities and formation of the suburbs of big cities, which absorb the surrounding villages and even small towns.There are theories which describe urbanization as the core component of the development of the civilization, because the country can not exist if there are no cities there. Cites not only offer job, place for living and self development, education, entertainment but is also the place where the government and chief person of the country can be found. The process of urbanization started not so long ago, approximately from the second half of the 20th century with the development of the processes of globalization, when the role of cities grew to the international level.The problem of urbanization is quite interesting and when a student is asked to research a case on it, he will surely discover many new things about it. In order to analyze the case professionally, one will have to research the case site and learn about the problem of urbanization and find out about the factors which have caused it.

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When the reason is discovered, one will have to analyze and value the consequences of the problem and suggest effective solutions to the problem under analysis. If one manages to brainstorm a good method or concept, it will surely impress the professor.With the professional assistance of the Internet it is possible to complete a good case study yourself. A student will have to find a good free sample case study on urbanization, if he wants to succeed in the process of writing. Due to a successful free example case study on urbanization in India it is possible to catch the idea of paper writing and see the way of writing on the direct example prepared by an expert.