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Describe and diagram the existing process for reporting and identifying major health problems, such as a flu pandemic. Answer Now a day we found out predictions about large scale loss of life’s from biological or chemical attacks. Computer estimates that between 2 to 100 million people could die from pandemic influenza. This is a very serious issue for the survival of mankind. On may 23 2006 U.

S government issued a plan to monitor Pandemic Influenza.The implementation plan calls for improving mechanisms for real time surveillance in acute care settings such as hospitals, clinics, I. C. Us etc. BioSense Real Time Clinical Connection program is one of those initiatives.

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It is developed by U. S Federal Centers for Dieses Control and Presentation (CDC). Question # 2 How does BioSense improve this process? Diagram the process for reporting and identifying public health problems using BioSense. Answer BioSense sits upon a hospital’s existing information system. It gathers and analyzes their data in real time.

The software keeps all of patient data.It includes sex, age, zip code of residence, laboratory results etc. BioSense improved the process in a way that registered member can view the latest updates. It is very much better from the traditional process of monitoring. It is very fast and easy to analyze process. Question # 3 Discuss the process and cons of adopting BioSense for public health surveillance.

Should all public agencies switch to BioSense? Why or why not? Answer BioSense sits upon a hospital’s existing information system. It gathers and analyzes their data in real time. The software keeps all of patient data.It includes sex, age, zip code of residence, laboratory results etc. The software converts this data to HL7 data messaging format which is standard for health care industry. It transmits data every 15 minutes over the web to the CDC where they are maintained in large data repository.

The system summarizes and presents analytical results by source, day, and syndrome for each zip code, state, and metropolitan area using maps diagram and tables. Registered members can view this information via Web. It is better from the traditional process as the traditional process is manual and much slower.The slow chain of person to person communication is not well suited to a major public health emergency. BioSense is much faster and easy to approach process. So that’s why I will prefer all hospitals to switch to BioSense.

Question # 4 Put yourself in the role of hospital director at a large urban hospital. Would you support joining up with BioSense system? Why or why not? What factors would you want to take into account before joining? Answer As a director of a large urban hospital I will support joining with BioSense system. Because Biosense is a very large system through which we can get latest updates in medical field.The process is very fast and time consuming. We can easily get updates about diseases and their cure.

The Web part of BioSense is also very beneficial. So I would prefer to join this system. To adopt Biosense I have to appoint some professionals who are very skill full to convert language to HL7 data messaging format. I should have a good and speedy Internet connection to view and update the system. Case study # 2 “Blockbuster & Netflix which will win out? ” Question # 1 What is blockbusters business mode? How success has it been? Answer 1) Business: Blockbuster equipped each of its video rental store with customer software Designed: It had designed to simplify rental and sale transaction. System: An automated point of sale system use a laser bar cord scanner to read data from items being rented of sold and from block customer’s identification card. These data are transmitted to blockbuster corporate computer center. How to analyze: Management use these data to monitor sale and to analyze the demographic and rental and sale patterns for each store to improve its marketing decisions. (2) When block made some dramatic changing; a)Blockbuster created a new online division with its own officer near corporate headquarters in Dallas. (b).

Blockbuster set the price for its three movies at a time monthly subscription at 19. 99 which was at the two dollars less than Netflix competing. Question # 2 WHAT INDUSTRY AND TECHONOLOGY FORCE HAVE CHALLENGED THAT BUSINESS MODEL? Answer Initiatives such as online result al were too risky. He believed that the company should take advantages of its prevailing position in the bricks and mortar result industry even if that industry where slowly dying. What problem they created?Answer Both Block buster and Netflix now face a new set of challenges. Fifteen million cable subscribes use video demand technology to watch movies and programs.

That is not yet available on DVD. The one development that has the potential to force the hands of block buster and Netflix is the entrance of Apple in to the movie download market apple iTunes store. How successful is Netflix mailed up these movies at a time which the custom could keep for as he or she wanted with out incurring late charges. Netflix customers has assess to thousand of movie titles without leaving their home.Question # 3 Is Blockbuster developing successful solutions to its problems? Are there other solutions it should have considered? Answer The main problem was the outdated business model.

Blockbuster spends $100 million in restructuring. The initial plan at this point of Blockbuster was to undercut Netflix by prices and distribution. Blockbuster was successful on the subscription of one million users of its online store and by lowering the prices. Blockbuster was somehow successful and inferior to Netflix at the time in acquiring the customers through its online services.Blockbuster should have considered merging its online and physical distributions centers.

They should have lowered, not vanished the fee on keeping the movies by customers. Question # 4 What is Netflix? Answer A new business model video rental market launched in1998. (a) System: User could go online and create a wish list of movies they wanted to rent (b)How successful is Netflix: Netflix mailed up to three movies at time, which the customer could keep for as he or she wanted without increasing late charges. Netflix customer has access to thousand of movies titles without leaving their home. Question # 5Do you thing blockbuster or Netflix will succeed in the future.

Explain in your answer. Answer Our point of view, the Netflix will succeed in the future because. Reason: Netflix was widely believed to be considering a set top box Netflix said only that downloading was part of its future plans. Case study # 3 “Panasonic Creates a Single Version of the Truth from Its Data Case study” Question # 1 Evaluate Panasonic business strategy using the competitive forces and value chain models. Answer They adapted the product information to suit the needs of the country and region where they are launching the new product.It took considerable time and effort to sift through all the data create a common set of data for launching products globally, which will allow competitors to infiltrate markets that Panasonic did not reach in its first phase.

To solve this problem Panasonic decided to pursue “single version of the truth. ” Panasonic was enjoying a number of successes as it has a market leadership. The company president know how to increase the profits by knowing the fact that its consumer expect the price of new technology to be decreased with time and by keeping that in mind he sets his eyes on reducing costs and increasing sales.Also they replace its “pull” model of data dissemination with a “push” model. Question # 2 How did Panasonic’s information management problems affect its business performance and ability to execute its strategy? What management, organization, and technology factors were responsible for those problems? Answer As Panasonic’s information management problems were not efficient, with so many different sources of data, the company found itself with product and customer data that were often inconsistent, duplicate, or incomplete.

Different segments of the company used their own pools of data, which were completely isolated from the data that the rest of the company was using. These conditions combined to be a drag in operational efficiency and drained significant amounts of money from the corporation as a whole. Panasonic product included photos, product specifications and descriptions, manuals, pricing data, and point-of-sale marketing information. Employees adapted products information to suit the needs of their country or region.It took considerable time and effort to sift through all the data and create a common set of data for launching products globally, which allowed competitors to infiltrate markets that Panasonic did not reach in its first phase of a launch. The management was not adopting the efficient software’s to overcome the problem of data integration where as the technology was not that efficient too that could systemize the data accordingly ,which lead to further problems.

Question # 3 How did master data management address these problems?How effective was this solution? Answer MDM is particularly useful for companies that have data integration issues as a result mergers or acquisitions. As Panasonic was facing through the problem of integration data, they adopted the MDM software to overcome there problem. The technical force behind Panasonic Europe’s data management overhaul was master-data-management (MDM) software from IBM‘s WerSphere line. The software enabled Panasonic Europe to consolidate data, as well as systematize the business processes related to the data.Overall the company gained better control over its internal data.

The deployment of the IBM’s MDM software found to be very effective as it paid quick dividends. Within a year and a half, Panasonic Europe was getting products to market faster and spending 50 percent less time creating and maintaining product information. Panasonic Europe improved its efficiency by a factor of 5 and anticipated saving a million euro’s a year while increasing sales by 3. 5 percent. Question # 4 What challenges did Panasonic face in implementing this solution? AnswerPanasonic faces the challenges of reorganizing workflow and consolidating product information when it needed to provide a consolidated view of product information for retail giant Walt-Mart.

they started by the information which Walt-Mart would need, which was data adhered closely to industry standards. Finally, Panasonic worked with IBM to create an interface to collect the required data for a repository. The company required clear master data management rules to prevent too many hands from manipulating the data so that the master file would remain pristine.Besides all the units of Panasonic North America, there were manufacturing partners to bring abroad. Without them, the system could not fulfill its complete potential.

This was also a serious challenge for Panasonic Europe, where most partners were based in Asia and were content with their manual processes for managing product data. Case study # 4 “Can Ebay continue growing? ” Question # 1 What is eBay’s business model and business strategy? How successful it has been? Answer eBay is an online auction service whose business model is ideally suited to the web. eBay stores has no inventory and ships no products.Instead it derives its revenues from the movement of information and ideal task for the internet.

The company is very successful attracting 200 million users by 2006. It now employee more than 8000 full time workers and it is operating in 32 countries. In 2005 eBay users listed 1. 8 billion items for auction, resulting in $40 billion worth of goods. In 2006 items listed to surpass 2 billion.

eBay is mostly successful in England, France and Germany. Question # 2 What are the problems that eBay is currently facing? Answer Yahoo is trying to edge it out of the Asian market by setting up competing auction site.The largest threat to eBay is the honesty and integrity of it auctions. eBay’s growing international presence make it difficult to monitor compliance with the variety of providers of online services for the activities of their users is unsettled. EBay users have also been the victims to identity theft scams that resulted in the unauthorized use of their accounts, the fraudulent sales. Fraud complaints often results in an automated response.

Question # 3 How is eBay is trying to solve these problems? Are these good solutions? Are there any other solutions that eBay should consider?Answer Question # 4 What management, organization and technology factors play a role in eBay’s response to its problems? Answer Question # 5 Will eBay be successful in the long run? Why or why not? Answer The success of eBay rely on the continued enhancement of the technology available to eBay community rather than on major acquisitions. eBay facilitates its users with a lot of activities sitting at their homes. It’s a convenient way of doing business. It always keeps its community happy and keeping the community happy is the utmost importance to the future of eBay. A loyal user ase may be the company’s most valuable asset and one which competitors will be challenged to replicate.

But the drawback which could led to eBay’s failure in the future is that the investors and analysts mostly maintain their confidence in the company’s management, cries for change have gone up from merchant population. Sellers are concerned about the declining number of transactions and conceding drop in sales prices. eBay must find a way to secure the confidence of its merchant population or it will risk losing business to other online market places, switch further results to the decline of eBay.