Case Study on Bad Communication

Bad Communication Case Study:

Bad communication is the manner of conversation which is associated with the lack of attention, respect and the desire of keeping constructive talk.

Bad communication is the result of the human behavior, attitude towards like, worldview, personal material and moral values, etc. The aim of the act of communication is the information exchange between the listener and the speaker but the results of this exchange can be different. The quality of communication depends on the desire of the speakers to cooperate and build the healthy talk between one another, which would be profitable for both sides. Unfortunately, communication is not always good, because the sides are egotistic, think only about their own benefit being selfish. The lack of compromise is the main reason of bad communication which always ends negatively.

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The first type of bad (poor) communication is the defensive manner of talking. The listener resists to accept the opinion of the speaker and answers harshly, blames him and avoids to understand the information sent to him.The next type is arguing. Both sides provide arguments which are mixed with blame and offence and the result of arguing it the total neglect of the arguments even if they are sensible. Stonewalling is the following way of bad communication, which is associated with the ignoring of the opponent’s point of view and demonstration of the non-verbal signs of disrespect (avoidance of eye contact, shaking head, etc).

The most common mistake which makes the communication bad is the use of the rude words and name calling. It is easy to offence the opponent, but the results of such actions are always negative. Finally, many people fail to build a healthy conversation because they speak unclearly and the opponent can not catch the point of the conversation as the hints are too vague.Bad communication is the unfavourable manner of communication which ruins the appropriate and health human relations and perspectives for cooperation. Young people can be asked to demonstrate their knowledge about bad communication and its aspects in the form of a well-formatted and informative case study.

A successful case study should illustrate the cause and the consequences of bad communication, reveal the methods which can solve the verbal conflict and the objective analysis of the definite case. In addition, one should pay attention to the urgency of the problem of the bad communication and define its influence of the human relations.The purpose of a case study is to show to the professor that the student is able to research the narrow topic well and a free example case study on bad communication is able to facilitate the student’s job. With the quality advice of a free sample case study on bad communication one can compose a well-structured text and analyze the problem in the alternative way.