Case Study on Communication Challenges

Communication Challenges Case Study:

Communication challenges are the obstacles which can occur during the conversation and both sides should know how to cope with them effectively. Naturally, communication is a complicated and well-structured process which exists according to the definite principles. Most often, a conversation is a dialogue between two sides, though it is possible that the number of sides is very big. The success of every conversation depends on the complete understanding of the principles and norms of regular communication by the both sides of the dialogue.

The first challenge of communication is the careful listening without interruption in order to understand the sender from the first attempt, though it is necessary to ask him to repeat the phrase if the receiver has not caught the information at once. Many people fail to listen carefully and remember the received information and it spoils the quality of conversation. The second challenge is the disability of certain people to express themselves in the clear and precise way. The result of such a conversation is the lack of understanding from the receiver’s side and he simply does not know what the sender is talking about. The next challenge is criticism. Both sides should avoid criticizing one another in order to avoid quarrels and conflicts which can develop from a simple conversation.

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The following challenge is the lack of creativity and enormous preciseness of the speakers. People should ask open questions in order to involve the second side into the more detailed and informative conversation. Finally, the sides should express more appreciation of one another and to reflect gratitude and delight in order to encourage the communication and to make it more pleasant for each other.Communication challenges are the factors which can spoil the quality of conversation and they occur because of the poor knowledge about the rules of communication and simple politeness and attentiveness. When the student is asked to prepare a well-organized case study about the challenges of communication, he should pay attention to the details of the case, the participants of the conversation, their personalities and characters and the style of their behaviour.

After that one can analyze the problem or the communication challenges which have occurred in the case, define their cause and effect and solve them in the proper way.When the young person who is asked to complete a successful and well-formatted paper requires advice, she is able to find it in the Internet following the instructions of the free example case study on communication challenges – Prof.M.S.Rao prepared by the well-educated expert. The student has a bright chance to solve the problem on writing in the constructive and reasonable manner relying on the assistance of a free sample case study on communication challenges found in the web.