Case Study on Communication Failure

Communication Failure Case Study:

Communication failure is the phenomenon of the reduction of the quality of communication or its complete interruption under the effect of the definite factors.

The quality of communication does not just depend on the communicative skills and knowledge of the sender or the speaker but also on the receiver, who listens to the sender and reacts towards his words.The quality communication occurs if there is complete harmony between the both sides of the conversation which understand each other and cooperate for the improvement of their communication.Communication failure occurs when there is misunderstanding between the sides of the conversation and the disability of one side to listen to the second one. The primary communication failure is the poor knowledge of the second side about the topic of conversation. When one does not know about the certain issue the first side is speaking about, he will not be able to support the conversation and present his point of view about it.

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The second factor is the improper language or the use of the vocabulary which is not understandable for the second side, for example, professional terms or jargons. The third factor is the lack of interest of the second side to the information delivered by the first side. When one is not interested in the communication and reflects boredom, the conversation will stop very soon, as the speaker understands that his opinion is not respected and cared. The final factor which spoils the quality of conversation is the excessive ego of the sender. When the sender concentrates the whole attention on his own problems and emphasizes the importance only of his own words, paying no attention to the receiver, the latter will lose interest to the communication soon.communication failure is the complex of factors which spoil the quality and informative value of a conversation. The student who has decided to improve his knowledge about the matter can dwell on writing a case study which will observe the definite problem about communication failure between the definite people. The student should analyze the structure of the conversation, the participation of the sides in it and then analyze the problem and its cause and effect. Finally, one should try to solve the problem in the alternative way demonstrating knowledge and professionalism in the subject.The young person who needs extra piece of help with writing her assignment can find the professional assistance in the Internet following the well-formatted free example case study on communication failure in India prepared by the smart writer.

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