Case Study on Hypertension

Hypertension Case Study:

Hypertension is the constant high blood pressure. Hypertension is a serious and dangerous disease and it needs treatment, because constant high blood pressure affects the organism badly.For example, the work of many organs, like heart and kidneys.

Hypertension can be caused by the long-lasting consumption of biologically active medicine. The brightest example of such medicine is oral contraception. When women consume this medicine, they will probably have hypertension soon. Then, the impact of oral contraception is very visible among the women who suffer from obesity and the ones who smoke heavily. The best way to cure the disease is to combine medical treatment with the modification of the lifestyle. The patient should, first of all, keep a serious and strict diet and exclude fat and fried food from his daily meal.

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Moreover, one should reduce the doses of salt, because this mineral also affects blood pressure badly. The purpose of the medical care and treatment is to reduce the blood pressure and make close to the general norm.Hypertension is the serious problem of the modern society, because people keep the wrong lifestyle, they consume unhealthy food and have a range of bad habits which affect their health badly. Nowadays, human heart is considered to be the weakest organ which suffers from the unhealthy way of life and numerous heart diseases appear. A student who wants to prepare a successful hypertension case study should investigate the topic in general and understand the nature of the disease, its cause and effect, ways of its treatment and its danger for the organism.

One should try to read reliable sources and collect high-quality data there to support his opinion with the reliable evidence for the good books, encyclopaedias and periodicals.A good case study should explain the chosen topic in detail. A student is supposed to investigate the case site or the patient and study the history of his disease and value his lifestyle, type of his work and leisure time. One should study the factors which have caused hypertension and how the disease influences the life of the patient. In the end one should summarize the paper and draw the right conclusions predicting the possible terms of treatment and suggesting effective methods of treatment to demonstrate his knowledge.

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