Case Study on Vascular Blockages

Vascular Blockages Case Study:

Vascular blockages are the result of the peripheral vascular disease, which can be characterized as the decrease of the work of the arteries, which makes them inflame and make thrombus blocking the blood supply to the certain parts of the body, commonly limbs. The disease is very serious, because with the narrowing of the arteries the condition of limbs and the whole organism becomes poor. There are many symptoms which can help the experts detect and recognize peripheral vascular disease, for example, the patient can feel constant pain in limbs, weakness, which occurs because of the insufficient blood supply; it is possible that there will be wounds on the limbs which will heal extremely slowly; then, the colour of the limbs can noticeably become blue or pale, because of the lack of blood and as a result the temperature of the limbs will also reduce; finally, the growth of hair and nails is also observed to decrease or disappear at all.

There are many factors, which can cause vascular blockages. It is obvious that the problem occurs in the advanced age up to 65, but the age factor is improved with such factors as heavy smoking, diabetes, hypertension, etc. The risk of vascular blockages depends on the period of time the smoker smoked and the period of the progress of the disease (diabetes). Finally, all people under 60 who have faced heart attacks and suffer from obesity are at the risk of falling ill with peripheral vascular disease.Vascular blockage is a serious and relevant for many people topic, which requires profound research and effective solutions.

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The main problem of the disease is that it occurs in the advanced age which makes the process of treatment more difficult. When a student is asked to complete a successful vascular blockages case study, he should improve his knowledge of the problem in general in order to be able to analyze the direct case related to the disease. One should analyze the case site, collect information about the patient and find out about the cause of the vascular blockages and their effect. Furthermore, a student is supposed to share his thoughts about the solution to the problem in order to demonstrate his professional skills.The Internet can become a good writing assistant when there is a trouble with the process of case study writing.

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