Case Study on Ultrafiltration

Ultrafiltration Case Study:

Ultrafiltration is the kind of membrane filtration, which is characterized with the separation of solutes and suspended solids through the semipermeable membrane under the effect of pressure.Ultrafiltration is the selective transportation of the solutes and water which have low molecular weight through the membrane while the solutes with the high molecular weight are retained. As a result the solute is filtrated from pollutants and heavy elements.

This type of filtration is used in various branches of industry and in the sphere of water purification. Nowadays people have to save water and other resources in order to reduce the pressure of the human activity on the natural environment. In order to recycle water and purify it the scientists have invented the method of ultrafiltration which enables to make the water clean and appropriate for drinking and other needs.The process is very useful, because is practised in the natural way (physical method) and does not require any chemicals and additional substances and solutes which can contaminate water and make the process of purification expensive. Then, the method is widely used in chemical industry, because in order to create certain solutes and complicated substances only this practice is enough effective. Next, wastewater is treated with the help of the method of ultrafiltration and it makes the process cheap, because does not require any additional substances and solutes for the purification.

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Pharmaceutics also uses the method widely, because the creation of remedies is quite an expensive and sophisticated process which requires patience, preciseness and accuracy.Finally, the food industry uses ultrafiltration for the improvement of the quality and safety of food products, especially beverages and dairy products.Ultrafiltration is a useful method which is applied in numerous spheres of the human activity and is aimed at the purification of solutes and water. The student can observe the problem of ultrafiltration in detail and prepare a quality case study about it which would explain the mechanism of its work and dwell on its effectiveness and possible failures. The case is supposed to possess a cause and effect chapters where the student analyzes the reason of the definite problem and its consequences for the narrow circle of the human activity (industry, wastewater treatment, etc). In the end, one should solve the problem well and demonstrate his knowledge about the matter of ultrafiltration and its principles.

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