Case Study – Yogurt War

Red Mango are the two biggest rivals in yogurt marketing. Both of them are very strong because they’ve got many things to offer and customers like it. They try to create the best value for the customers and make them be loyal to the stores because this is the only way how they can be successful for a really long time. That means they have to differ from each other to attract people on something that is unique. Of course, it’s not possible to be different In everything.

Both of them offer tots of kind of flavors in their frozen, but the flavors are not the same and that’s why they were able to build such a big competition between each other.

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According to customers’ needs and wants marketers create a value for them. For example at Blackberry, customers In the Middle East have options for dates and pistachios while Aslant customers can enjoy green-tea flavored yogurt. On the other hand, Red Mango founder Dan Kim claims his product has a creamier taste than that of Its chief rival, and the chain has Introduced new flavors as well as smoothies, teas and chocolates o help create a distinct brand.

It also contains proboscis In Its product to lad digestion. Baneberry welcomes customers in a modern designed stores and visually appealing product that also conveys a sense of play. They want to remind customers of childhood summers.

Pinsetters tagging “Swirls Goodness” also helps convey brand’s unique combination of creativity, taste and healthfulness while Red Mango tagging “Treat Yourself Well” suggests the yogurt’s nutritional benefits and a sense of indulgence.

To add value for international customers, Baneberry has endorsements from celebrity athletes, musicians and fashion designers. These trendy yogurt shops gained an important friend and supporter: Howard Schultz, CEO of Cutbacks. When I visit Pinsetters website I can see a lot of pink and green color that makes me feel relaxed while Red Mango’s website seems more aggressive. The colors are changing approximately every five seconds and there is higher contrast on this site.

When look at the pictures on Pinsetters website I see people enjoying its products.

I guess that should evoke the goodness of the product presented in its tagging. On the contrary, on Red Mango website there are Just products themselves, nothing and nobody is added. In describing their product is not a big difference, at least I don’t see it. They attract people on new stuff and they always emphasize the health benefits of the product so they create a value for customers at the same time. They also appeal on the design and usefulness of their products when creating a value.

People like to eat good looking ice-creams and yogurts when they are delicious and healthy as well. I don’t see such big differences between how Baneberry and Red Mango create a value for the customers, but people always find something they Like more, and I would surely do the same when I taste their products. The system that works In Red Mango, that you can make your own yogurt Is In my pollen the best Innovation they could do. People now don’t have to Limit themselves and they can put anything they want Into their yogurts.

I personally love when companies offer such a possibility of choice because when they don’t have something I would Like to eat In their menus, I Just do It myself and everybody’s happy. These two rivals target the same locations so they create a big competition between each other.

Customers have an Upton to condos winter to go to Plunderer or Rear Mango to stalest tenet DSSSL needs, and sometimes not Just the basic ones. These companies don’t want to Just “feed” the customers, there is always something more in that kind of business.