Causes of Bullying

Nowadays, the numbers of bullies in a school are increasing, so it means that more and more weak people get hurt. We must find a way to eliminate the bullies and to protect people from getting hurt. There are many causes of bullying, in order to stop this situation from getting worse is to remove the causes. Firstly, parents should pay more attention to their kids. Today, kids desire attention from their parents but they are too busy to respond, so they do something to get their attention.

Secondly, they get influence from their friends. Kids do not get attention from parents so they intend to find friends. They cannot tell whether the friends they get are good or bad. Furthermore bad friends can teach them bad things like smoking, taking drugs or surfing unsuitable websites containing bad images. Third, some of the bullies are victims before, they want to get revenge so they start to learn the ways by following friends and seniors. Last but not least, they were abused by violent parents.

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Parents should stop treating children badly, they could ruin their bright future. Thus, if their future is ruined, it could affect the city or society. According to the causes mentioned, if we can eliminate the causes. We can save their future.