Chapter 12 Study Guide

Chapter 12: The Eucharist; Supplemental Reading St. and Pope Pius X helped with the incorporation of the Holy Eucharist, because he believed that the Holy Eucharist was suppose to make people feel unworthy but they should receive it because it is the body and blood of Christ. Before this emphasis on the Eucharist, devout Catholics did not receive Holy Communion very often because they were motivated by a wrong sense of unworthiness.

Pope Pius X, in order to fix this problem, lowered the age for receiving communion and encouraged to receive as much as possible the Holy Eucharist.Thanks to him, Holy Communion had an increase in its reception. Pope Pius X, more than any other pope brought significance to the Holy Eucharist once again. Pope Pius X was canonized in 1954, the first pope to become a saint since, Pope Pius V. Pope Pius put a special emphasis on the Holy Eucharist because he knew that the Holy Eucharist is basically food for the soul. People were basically starving their souls because they thought they were unworthy to receive food for the souls.

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Holy Eucharist is more than just bread and wine for the soul, it gives us special gifts or graces. The Eucharist stabilizes and increases the intimate union with Christ, reinforces the unity of the Church as the Mystical Body of Christ, removes all venial sin, preserves from grave sin, diminishes sinful love of self, strengthens against temptation, decreases purgatorial debt, and reduces the drives of concupiscence. The eight fruits of regular reception each have a meaning.The first one, the Eucharist stabilizes and increases the intimate union with Christ. In other words, when we receive Holy Communion we are one step closer to Christ than those who did not receive.

The 2nd one, the Eucharist reinforces the unity of the church as the mystical body of Christ. This mean by receiving communion we also bring the Church closer to the son of God, Jesus. The 3rd one, The Eucharist removes all venial sin. This is one of the important fruits of the Holy Eucharist.This removes small sins or sins that are not big enough or do not meet the requirements to be a mortal sin. Removing venial sins shorten time in purgatory and makes the soul more pure.

The last one I am going to explain is the fourth one, The Eucharist preserves from grave sin. Grave sins in other words are Mortal Sins. Mortal sins are signs that decide whether we go to heaven or hell. The big sin that breaks us up with God. Being preserved from mortal sin is a huge upside in your faith