What age did you start cheerleading? “I tried out for cheerleading at Grover, age 12.” What/who got you interested in cheerleading? “”My sister used to be a wildcats cheerleader, and she stopped cheerleading for a while. Then she tried out for high school cheerleading and made varsity.

When I saw her do this, I became interested in cheerleading.” How many games have you cheered at? “I can’t remember how many, but I would say approximately 20-30 games.” Did you try out for high school cheerleading? If so, what team? ” yes, I did try out for high school cheerleading , and I was the only freshman to make the Varsity team.” How many days a week do you have cheerleading? “I haven’t gotten the schedule yet, but I would say almost every day.” How long is one cheer practice? “What stunt position are you in ” I am a flyer.” Have you competed? ” No, but I’m going to compete next year.

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” How long do you plan to continue cheerleading? ” I have never really been interested in cheerleading outside of school, so I probably will not continue to cheer after I graduate high school.” Are you going to try out for a different sport other than cheerleading in high school? ” yes, I think I will try to try out for two or more sports. I would like to try out for diving in the winter, and track and field in the spring. I am also going to look into fencing.” Thank you.