Cherrydale Fundraiser

The School District music program doesn’t get funded enough money, so my school does a yearly fundraiser. In the Choral Department, students and teachers team up with an organization called Cherrydale.

Cherrydale has multiple catalogs that friends and family can buy out of. One choir student has said, “The Cherrydale fundraiser helps us fund all of our trips and without it we wouldn’t be able to do the fun things we do. It is not just for the benefit of the music program, it is also for the benefit of the students.” This fundraiser can affect the future of these students’ lives. If they don’t get as many opportunities as they can, they may not be able to get the opportunity to do other things. Also, they won’t be able to grow in their music as much as they would if they had other certain music opportunities.

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Depending on the items sold and money raised for one student, prizes can be won. A yard of bubble gum, cookies, a Culver’s gift card, a Walmart gift card, $50, $100, a jump for money, grabbing money out of a money pit, and spinning a wheel for money are all prizes that the students can earn. The students are working their hardest to raise enough money, for if they don’t, they might lose important music opportunities. One situation may go like this.

A student comes home from school with a fundraising sheet. In order to be able to go on the eighth grade Kalahari trip for free, she needs to make a certain amount of money. She has her parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins, and friends all buy stuff out the catalogs. Because all those people would’ve bought things, she could’ve easily gotten enough money for her school and herself for the Kalahari trip. The music program in Mukwonago, Wisconsin is very important to the staff and especially the students.

They will do whatever it takes to make choir the best it can be. These students need to be encouraged to take part in this very important fundraiser. This means a lot to the students, staff, and the community. There are several opportunities to help out at the pickup time. Sign up today to lend a hand. All that needs to be done in order to do that is to pick up a sheet from the choir room and talk to Mrs,Wildeman, the choir teacher.

Remember, if no one helps, students’ futures could be affected.