If I Could I Would

would love to try out for a sport, earn a solo in choir, and visit my grandparents in Atlanta, Georgia.

Each of these are something I wish would happen in my life. If I could, I would do all of these in high school. I just think of things that could possibly happen in the future or during high school. Sports, choir, traveling; all things that if I could, I would do. Ever since middle school I have wanted to participate in a sport. When I came to high school I found out that there were more sports than there were in middle school.

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I asked mom if I could try out for a sport and she said no. I asked her again earlier this year, yet once again she said no. The sports that I would try out for would probably be girls tennis or softball. My mother doesn’t think I’m fast enough for the teams. The head coach of the softball team said I shouldn’t because I would have to learn quick and he wouldn’t know which team to put me on. I understand my mother’s reasons for not letting me try out for a sport, but I look around and wonder if I could be that person.

I know I might not be as good as the others on the teams, but I would try my very best. Maybe I should talk to my PE teacher and ask her opinion of whether or not I should try out for a sport. Ever since third grade I have been in choir. I love to sing so much that I will sing along when my favorite songs play on the radio. When I was in seventh grade I received a duet.

Ever since then I have not earned a solo or duet. Our first concert this year is in two weeks and my choir teacher is making the decision of who should have the solo this week. Who knows, maybe this will be my year to earn a solo. Before I graduate I want to have at least a solo or a duet. I know I’m not the only student in choir that wishes that. Also I wish that I could travel to Georgia and sing for my grandparents.

My grandparents live in Atlanta, Georgia. Last year they came to Olathe to visit all of the family. This summer I wish I could have visited them in Georgia. When Hurricane Irma hit Florida and it became a tropical storm in Georgia I was worried about them. I love my grandparents so much and feel like I don’t always say it enough to them. If I had the money and the transportation to go to visit them in Atlanta, Georgia I would.

If I could, I would play a sport, have a solo in choir, and go to Georgia. I wish I could do everything that I want to do on my own time. I wish I could go to more games, hang out with my friends, and watch movies more often. I understand that I have to focus on school more, but maybe I can make time for all of these in the future. At least this year my mom is being a little more lenient. If I could, I would do everything that I wished would happen.