Child Abuser

Child AbuseOn the Tv there was an AmberAlert that a child was missing. Two days later the child was found beaten, bruised ,and cut up but alive.

Child Abuse is something that happens everyday. Every ten seconds a child abuse and neglect is reported . To improve a situation of children it’s in the hands of the parents to stop the violence. “Every year more than 3.6 million referrals are made tochild protection agencies…”(What is Child Abuse ) .Why does the child not tell that they’re being abused.

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Since the child won’t tell anyone , there are tensigns of child abuse,and five types of child abuse.How do you knowif a child is being abused?There are 10 suggestions that lets you know that a child is being mistreated.(10 Signs of Child Abuse ) Children that are being mistreated will have unknown injuries like bruises, burns, fractures,head injuries,and abdominal injuries.Abdominal injuries is like stomach injuries. The child will be afraid of going home and there will be changes in their behavior.Somechildren will have sleeping and eating changes.

Their academic performance and attendance will decrease. Their health will change like being underweight, sick , moody , and can’t concentrate on class work. Some children make risk taking decisions like taking drugs , joininggangs , bullying other children , stealing , and going to jail. Some children have inappropriate sexual behaviors and some will just be depressed and don’t feel like doing anything.There are 5 different kinds of child abuses they are Physical , Emotional , Neglect , Disclaimer and Sexaual abuse. Psychological abuse is like someone that is being mentally injured.

The abuser will make the child think thatthey’re worthless, damaged, endangered ,not loved, and unwanted(Emotional Abuse: The Most Common Form…)..

“Emotional abuse is a series of repeated incidents whether intentional or not that insults,threatens ,insults degrades humiliates and / or controls another person.”Physical abuse is when the child is being beaten and feeling pain. Neglect is like someone abandoning their child and not feeding him or her . A child that denies(disclaimer ) something especially responsibility. Last but not least there is sexual abuse. There are different types of sexual ” abuse like rape , child molestation , incest ,sexual assault and other forms of sexual abuse.

” (The Mental Health Effects of Sexual A…) .A child that is being abused will be scared to tell someone that they are being mistreated.

. The child will be confused and keep quiet, but when the child is confused they will make it hard for the kid to tell anyone that they are being abused. The parents or parentmay scare the child with threats of being hurt physically. The threats are about them breaking up the family or a family member going to prison. The abuser will tell the child that no onewill believe them.

Children who are being abused should always tell an adult . Child abuse happens every day so it can be stopped just by telling an adult. (Why don’t children tell if they have …)In the first place child abuse is wrong and it must be stopped.

Mistreating your child can hurt them physically, mentally, and emotionally. There are half of ten different varieties of child abuse and ten was that you will know that a child is being abused. The adult that abuse their child most likely were abused when they were younger. So child abuse is basicallypassed down by generations. “With regard to the female inmate population,upwards of 30% of female incarcerated have reported being victims of child abuse; with regard to the male inmate population, upwards of 13% of males incarcerated have been reported as being victims of child-abuse children who abuse are 60% more likely to engage in juvenile criminal activities.” (Child Abuse Facts – Child Abuse | Law…) .How can child abuse be stopped?When the parents stop their violence that they are commenting on the that is mentally, physically , and sexual.